Activate Health Gift Package


Specifications:One box of Maca energy extract +One box of Ginsen

Product Feature:

“East Meets West”,Give You A New Feelings of Mild Tonic

Full and balanced nutrition,activate cellular energy,make your life more vigorous.

Nourishing energy and blood from inside-out,regulating blood pressure and blood fat 

Balancing warm and cold constitution,maintain comfortable nourish your body for a long time Maca Energy Extract

Fresh natural material ,from Peru’s plateau area which altitude is over four thousand meters,it’s a active factor,repairing cells energy.

Ginseng and Fagopyrum Tataricum Extract

Ginseng raw material,from the snow township of Jilin Changbai Mountain;Fagopyrum tataricum,from the top of Sichuan Liangshan:they can nourish energy andStrengthenbody,they‘re good for our angiocarpy.

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