Ginseng and Fagopyrum Tataricum Extract


Specifications:1g* 30 Sachets

Product Feature:

Ginseng——Soft Tonic of Your Five Internal Organs

It‘s the first tonic of Qing Dynasty.  According to the history of Qing

Dynasty,Qianlong Emperor takes about 5 grams ginseng per day.

Fagopyrum Tataricum——Promoting cycle,reducing hypertension, hyperglycemia and high blood lipid.

It can soften blood vessels and reduce blood fat. It’s suitable for the people who has hypertension, hyperglycemia and high blood lipid for long-term healthy care.

Ginseng and Fagopyrum tataricum,interaction with wet and cold,rising and declining,play a part in regulating the unbalance body commonly.

Active Ingredients: 

Total Saponins/ Total Flavonoids

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