PLEESIT (Plant Low-temperature Extraction & Efficient Separation Integration Technology), is a key independently-developed innovation and equipment by Authenmole for extraction of full active ingredients or monomer contained in herbs. In full course low-temperature processing of PLEESIT, several cutting-edged technologies like physical cell wall breakage, extraction, multistage membrane separation and purification, standardized blending, reconstruction and crystallization are involved to ensure active ingredients contained in herbs are well preserved while pesticide residue is efficiently removed in the tea and herb extract crystal. 

Pesticide residues in tea have always been the main obstacle of tea industry.With application of PLEEIST, after the tea cell walls are broken, harmful substances like pesticide residues (including fat-soluble and water-soluble pesticide), heavy metal and rare earth, are removed by objective membrane separation based on the test results of raw material by LC/MS and GC/MS.


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