About Us

ceoEn.jpgAuthentea, Inherits and vitalizes the quintessence of Chinese 5000-year tea culture.

The life of tea,

runs vigorously in its constituent cell activity,

with growth in nature.

The culture of tea,

fuses itself into its soup color, its aroma and its flavor,

with infusion in taste.

Authentea pure tea extract,

brings up a revolution to the tea industry as well as tea culture.

Its industrialized manufacturing,

its smart serving,

allows tea to live with vitality and upgrades its culture.

With extraction of the essences and removal of the useless,

by cell component purification and reconstruction,

tea lives a style life.

Authentea pure tea extract,

seeking for the origin,

offers clearer tea soup, mellower fragrance and richer aftertaste,

and inherits the tea culture with continuous achievements.

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