Stinky Candles

Do you like Nacho Cheese? Do you want a Nacho Cheese Candle? Do you miss the country air? Do you want a Skunk Candle to remind you of your childhood trips? The Stinky Candle Company produces these along with the Bacon Candle, the Fart Candle, not to mention some perhaps better smelling Popcorn, Chocolate Chip Cookie and Apple Pie Candles.
Gifts for the people who have everything, or for those whom we are obligated to give.

Leather Jacket Candle and Onion Candle
From their website:

Stinky Candle Company was created to share and celebrate our everyday aromatic surroundings.
There is significant similarity of candle scents in the market place. Yet many of our everyday olfactory experiences are with fragrances one seldom finds in wax form. Our goal is to provide you with a memorable experience, make you smile and capture the world’s finer stenches in life.

Nacho Cheese, Burrito or Garlic Candles

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