My First Car

My first car was a 1983 blue Toyota Corolla. Well, it was blue and rust. My friends called it the Toyota Corroded. It was my first car so no matter how bad, it was great.
I didn't buy it. My brother gave it to me when he got his first full time job and bought his first new car. He had purchased it second hand. I think I was the fourth driver.

He gave me the Corroded with one condition.

The condition was, when I sell it, I give him the money. No problem, I said. And a fair deal if I ever heard one.

I drove the car for close to two two years. It got me to school, work and to play. In the first month I was nervous driving five-speed so I wouldn't take it on the highway. After a while, becoming more confident, highway or road way, I didn't care where it stalled.

It had an AM-FM radio but no cassette deck. It burned oil. Once a week I would fill up with gasoline. Once a month, I would have to fill up with oil.
Coolant also seemed to go fast, it too was either burning up or leaking out.

One day I was on my way to the downtown campus of Concordia University when my hood flew open. I invested in a some cord so it wouldn't happen again.
Had to scour the internet for a picture 1983 Toyota Corolla

The car had intermittent windshield wipers. What I mean is, that they worked, but only sometimes. When the windows became dirty I would have to drive through a puddle and hope the splash would clean off the grime. I was forever tailgating people praying the spray from the tires would do the same.

When it got too cold out the heater did not work. Worked like a charm during the summer.

One door wouldn't close so I had to invest in a second cord to tie it shut. I knew it was time to get rid of it when I was ticketed twice within a week for that door not closing.

When I finally saved up enough money for a down payment on a new car, the dealer would not take the Corroded as a trade-in. "Take it off the road", I was told, "it's was too dangerous". Was it because the handbrake was not connected?

So, I made a deal with a scrapyard. They agreed to tow it away and pay me $50.

When the scrap guy showed up he refused to take it. It wasn't worth the $50. A scrapyard did not want my car. It was not worthy of their level of scrap. I had to convince him to take it for free. It was my first car. It was awesome.