One Woman Army

Kate Earl, Stronger

Alaskan native Kate Earl's third album Stronger was released towards the end of 2012. Now based in L.A. this 32-year old singer's indie / country-folk sound comes through in One Woman Army, a song she wrote, inspired by her young son.

On One Woman Army, she promises, "Here I am, baby, I'm your one-woman army I'd fight for you, I'll die, I'll be your protector". She says she is especially proud of the tune for the way it achieves one of her biggest goals as a songwriter: "It's one of those songs that you can take to mean whatever it means to you. It can be a love song; it can be about friendship; it can be a song from a parent to a child. I want people to identify with my music like that."


  1. Nice. Powerful voice and a pretty girl.

    1. I agree Tim, and such a powerful yet simple video. And the ending wraps it up perfectly