Gifts For the Person Who Has Everything

It can be a very trying time, buying gifts for all our friends and family during the Christmas and holiday season. There is always that one person who you just can't figure out. Maybe its the man who has everything. Maybe it's the picky lady in your life. Here I have a list of gift ideas for those difficult to shop for people.

Christmas Gift Ideas
  1. Dot matrix printing paper
  2. Micro-cassettes for your answering machine
  3. One month free TELEX service
  4. One year membership at Blockbuster
  5. A box of floppy disks
  6. Simpson's gift card
  7. A PalmPilot
  8. A box of two colour Typewriter ribbon
  9. A Digital Audio Tape Player
  10. One free Landau roof installation
  11. Half price off your next ten McDonald's pimmas pizzas
  12. A case of Burma-shave
  13. 10,000 Frequent flyer points aboard Eastern Airlines
  14. Montreal Expos Season Tickets
  15. Five free gallons of leaded gasoline
  16. Chrome BASF audio cassettes
  17. A pair of North Star running shoes
  18. Four game cartridges for their Intellivision system
  19. Ten shares of Nortel stocks
  20. A $50 gift certificate at Montgomery Ward
  21. Season three of Benson on Betamax

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