Creepy Neighbour

What would you do? We have a creepy neighbour. To my knowledge he has not committed any crimes. Nor have I witnessed him breaking any condo rules. He just looks, how should I say it - off. He shakes a little, his eyes seem a little bit unfocused. He is in his mid-forties. He lives with his mom.

But then again, she may live with him. Or, they are roommates. Whatever, he lives with his mom! In any case, what is he guilty of? He is guilty of bothering my wife. Of trying to kiss her hello whenever he sees her. And, making her want to move. Oh, and asking her out for coffee.

She told him no. Which was expected.

But I ran into him the other day in the elevator and could not let an opportunity go by. He and I, alone. In a closed four by six box.

Don't get me wrong. I didn't go Red Ross on him or anything. I was polite. For some reason he was surprised when I told him to leave my wife alone. He was surprised  and visibly disappointed. He agreed.

Funny how people agree to what you say when their only exit is via an elevator shaft.

Red Ross


  1. That guy sounds totally creepy. I don't blame your wife for wanting to move. Have you checked to see if his mother is alive? I'm going all "Norman Bates" now.

    1. It's not the evil creepy look. It's the leering creepy look. So maybe he's the crappy 1998 remake with Vince Vaughn version