Driver's Licence

It's driver's licence renewal day. I have been putting it off for so long and it is set to expire in less than a month. Saturday morning at the department of motor vehicles, or as it is know here as the SAAQ not to be mixed up with the SAQ where you go to buy booze.

So, it opens at 9AM. Or so they say. Then why are there 30 people waiting here before 9? I am hoping some of these people queued in front of me are waiting at the wrong government office and actually supposed to be in line at the unemployment office downstairs.

Okay, now it is five past nine and they still aren't open.

Finally, 10 after nine and the doors open. Take a ticket, no pushing.

Only 21 people in front of me. "Now serving number 47." I am 68.

Shoot, I have to take a photo and I haven't shaved in two days. Oh well, its not like I show my driver's licence to many people. Only the cops who pull me over ever get to see it,


Oh, my neighbour is here. The one who keeps saying we should come over for a BBQ but doesn't actually tell us when.

Oh dang! She just saw me, she is coming over. Tippy toes. Tippy toes!

A little bit of chit chat. Oh, and isn't that nice. She just invited us over for a BBQ again. 

Really, I think it's just a matter of timing. Finding the time when we are all free. She travels for work, we have been moving around quite a bit lately. 


I think I am paranoid. Every time I see the camera flash from someone getting their ID photo taken I start thinking, 'Who just took my picture!? What are they going to do with my photo?'

Twelve minutes and six people are done. I should be out within a 1/2 an hour.

What? Wait. I just read the sign. They do not accept credit cards? Since when? Oh. Right. Since always. Okay, I have my debit card.

One angry person with an international driver's licence not getting what he wants. The clerk doesn't know what to do. Call the supervisor.

Another angry person. They are calling the numbers too fast and she missed her turn for taking five seconds to get to the counter.

This is going really fast. Only seven in front of me. 

Wow! Check out that guy. Maybe I didn't shave for my photo but at least I am not wearing a crazy bright red shirt. Ow. I think it just gave me an aneurysm.

Ooh. I'm next.

Okay. Done. Now I can go wait in line at the bank.


  1. What's wrong with bright red? Some of my best friends are bright red.

    1. Reminds me of the story of the two ships. One had red paint, one had blue paint. They collided. At last report, the survivors were marooned.

  2. Wow. Something that sucks just as badly in Canada as in the States. Never thought I'd see that. :) Mine will be due for renewal next April. For the past decade or so they've just sent me a new one by mail. I'm hoping for the same this time. And how nice to see little old IJW in your Daily Reads. I'm feeling all cozy and loved now. Thank you.

    1. Not a day goes by that I won't pick up a copy of IJW. Well, except for the days you don't publish.