I Have A Question

I have a few questions about toilet paper. Who designs toilet paper? What are those development meetings like? Are the ridges on toilet paper engineered for maximum cleaning ability or is it merely there for aesthetics?

"I like ridges."
"Bumps are more efficient."
"Smooth and soft paper protects sensitive tushies."

I did not do any research. I do not actually want to know. I prefer the uninformed guess work.

Do the researchers take their work home with them?
"Kids, we are trying something new for the next few days. Single-ply. So ease up on the fruit."

Or, is all the work done on the job? I am now trying to imagine what the cubicles look like. A desk, telephone, computer, a toilet. Maybe a sink to wash up. Oh, and some magazines. Magazines such as Home Decor, Rolling Stone or Sports Illustrated. And some lilac air freshener.

Why hasn't Swiffer entered into the toilet paper market? They already have the disposable single use dusters and floor cleaners. What I am suggesting is a combination of the two. Perhaps some R and D into the micro-fibre angle for a soft comfortable clean to your bottom.


I Am Away Right Now

Hi, I am away now and can't take your call. I will be back within a couple weeks. Please leave a message and I will respond when I return. I am currently somewhere in Northern Africa, and may not have direct access to my email. Should your matter be urgent, have a beer and relax. It is vacation time after all.

That's it! Vacation time has finally hit us. I am not working. And my brain has shut off. As you are reading this I may be sipping mint tea, or travelling on some camel. I may even be sleeping by the pool, watching TV or dancing in a disco. Maybe I am downhill skiing.