The Walking Dead

Season three of the Walking Dead has come to an end on AMC. I have seen most every episode of The Walking Dead with the exception of a couple at the start of season three. Having read every single one of the graphic novels, I eagerly anticipated the 2010 premiere of the AMC television series when it first launched. And then every subsequent episode, from week to week. Why I missed a few recent episodes is another story. I will catch up over the summer hiatus.

Even though I've seen most every episode, I did not love the show at the start. But I was spellbound. I could not miss an episode. But I wouldn't say I loved The Walking Dead.

TWD and I did spend time together over the next three years and we have grown to love each other. This realization finally struck during the last season finale.

The Walking Dead Season 4
I have compared this series to Battlestar Galactica, the tremendous space adventure drama of just a couple years ago. Both series explored the human race's struggle to survive after being nearly wiped out. When devoid of all hope, a spark grows amongst the remaining survivors and from this small spark there is hope. Both series show the struggle of humans to survive, and while both being based in the fantastical science fiction, are rugged and believable.

BSG was a better show.

If you have read the graphic novels, or seen at least a number of the episodes, you know that the main characters are just as likely to die as the walk-ons. There are no designated red shirt wearers here.

This is a brutal show. Brutal in that it is filled with gore, murder, blood, despair, corruption. It also shows heroic characters filled with hope and passion to live. Characters willing to put everything on the line so that their friends and family survive the living nightmare. And not to mention powerful acting and superior writing.

Forget about the zombie genre for a moment, why has post-apocalyptic literature been so popular over the decades?

From The Day of the Triffids, The Chrysalids to The Stand and The Road. Popular novels and each having been made into film. And  not to mention the Mad Max series or The Day After Tomorrow and the multitude of over films.

TWD may be escapist viewing but not of the relaxing kind. You may feel just as wound up as you would say after watching a Denis Leary monologue.

If you have seen the show, or are a fan, I am interested in hearing some feedback.

What did you think of the finale? What do you think about the changes they have made from the graphic novels to the screen? The new characters? The characters that died prematurely, or lived longer than expected? Are you as excited about season four of The Walking Dead as I am? Starts in October.

The Walking Dead Season 3


  1. I'm addicted to Walking Dead. I was skeptical of watching it when my husband first told me about the show. But I'm hooked. Such quality writing and acting. Even the gruesome details are exceptionally, ahem, executed.

    I love that the show is not predictable. Once a character, major or minor, fulfills their function, they get the ax. I loved the finale. Of course, I was sad that two major characters died. The finale left me wanting more.

    I haven't read the graphic novels. I might though.

    1. You just don't know who will survive. I thought having read the novels that I would know what was going to happen. But they made enough changes, some small some large to keep me guessing.

  2. Ok, so I'm finally done with Season 3. I like the fact that it's not following the books at all and that they're pulling from the Walking Dead universe and mixing things up in a very unpredictable, yet logical way. Some shocking deaths too, keeping with the whole "No One Is Safe" thing. Season 4 should be great with a huge showdown with The Guv.

    Have you seen the Walking Dead Webisodes? Check out A New Day and Cold Storage on YouTube.

    1. I have watched a couple of the webisodes. I will catch up the rest this weekend