Angry Driver

With my constant battle to maintain a calm demeanour on the open road, and efforts to avoid putting myself in situations that would aggravate my tendency towards road rage, I find myself using little tricks to gain inner peace. I find this certain satisfaction and, my rage dissipates.

First and foremost, if someone on the road cuts me off, offends me, drives dangerously or stupidly, I call them an idiot. Not out the window but within my vehicle with the windows rolled up. This allows me to purge my anger quite rapidly and prevents escalation.

At other times I take note of the offending driver and keep track of him for as long as I can. If I can track him long enough, I may eventually see the offending driver himself annoyed. And I am pleased.

For example, the other day I was driving along the highway at a clip of 70 km/hr (44mph). The speed limit is 100 (62 mph) but due to the traffic volume, the fast lane was moving at 70. The fool in the car behind me was tailgating, flashing his lights wanting me to move move over. There was no where for me to go. Cars in front of me weren't moving any faster, cars to the right had me pinned in. So I ignored him.

So, Mr. Light Flasher switched lanes, swerved around another car, moved to the slow lane, all in attempt to bypass traffic in the fast lane.

Coincidence or bad luck? Just as he moved over, the fast lane cleared up and the middle and slow lane got bogged down, pinning Mr. Light Flasher in a 40/km / hr (25 mph) lane. As I sped off into the distance, my anger satisfied, as I watched flasher light guy falling behind in the distance. Idiot.

Bad Drivers get their due