I walked to the square but was unable to fly so I ran the rest of the way. My cow would have laughed, she wasn't the most kindhearted bovine you would have ever met.

That being said, once at the square I protested with the other kings. There were 47 of us. We were protesting against the uncomfortable thrones.

"Give us a cushion!" We shouted.
"A pillow for our bottoms," we yelled.
Our placards read, "Up with comfort, down for our seats."

The colours I wore were representative of my mood. Opaque luminous plaids of black and white.

Later that day I swam home. I wanted to save money on gasoline and, as we all know, swimming uses up half the amount of petrol that automobiles use. Surprisingly enough bicycles are even more efficient.

While we were winding down from a hectic day I had a tremendous conversation with my dog and Fern. I mean fern, my plant. The dog held that nothing exists until we see it and verify it. I told him that his views were phenomenalist at best, while the fern plant merely stood there staring. Our conversations were interrupted by a hockey fight that erupted  in the kitchen.

The two cooks were arguing again and decided to settle their differences once and for all. What a sight to see! The entire staff building an ice rink, the two cooks donning their skates, all the while staring each other down from across the pastry table.
In the end they each received five minute penalties and were sanctioned with a game misconduct.

We jumped and danced and held hands and danced in a circle. That is until the meal came. We ate like kings.


Today is day 23 of the thirty day writing challenge (February edition) as arranged and hosted by Nicky and Mike over at Go check out their site to see who else is participating and read some more great stories.


  1. I want whatever drugs you're taking, Shawn.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jayne. A little Edward Lear influence.

  3. Positively absurd! I love it. Say hi to Fern from me.

  4. Hey Shawn! Only married a couple of weeks, and already gaga! ;) Nicely done, Sir! Indigo

  5. WOW. I cleverness ended at Absurd. You not only reached the stars, but higher!!!

  6. How absurd! Oh, that was the point? You did that on purpose? Sorry. :)

    1. I thought most of my posts were absurd. This is the only one that I titled 'Absurd'.

  7. Replies
    1. You're not supposed to drink the water.

  8. I thought you were a bit daft with the first paragraph until I reread it and then I was thinking you were pure genius. Not really I'll need you to tell me which it is. ;)

    Also, I could probably use a pillow for my bottom. :(

  9. That was a fun bit of absurdity. That last line of the entry lands just right. Well done, Shawn.

  10. That was an absurdly wild tale you wove. Well done!