Burgers Burgers Burgers

I had Harvey's restaurant coupons but realized they were all two-for-one specials on their Trios. That's too much for me to eat. I went anyway and I gladly paid full price for a burger. The burger was so good that after I ate, I went back and gave the cashier more money. Heck, I gave her all my money.

Among my friends is this ongoing debate; which fast food joint serves up the best burgers? It used to be that I would receive McDonald's coupons in my mailbox and I would scream with childish glee. The side effects of age and a greater health awareness has tempered the excitement. With age and fears of the bad cholesterol, the trips for a hamburger are fewer and farther apart. I also no longer eat a pound of meat in a single sitting.
But with salads at every meal, oats at breakfast and, plenty of exercise, we can still enjoy a fast food burger from time to time.
A and W
So, if we compare the big fast food burger joints in these here parts, McDonald's, Burger King, Harvey's, A and W and Wendy's, but excluding the smaller local mom and pop shops and franchises. The one rule? The included restaurants must have a national presence. My study - over 40 years in the making - was probably one of the most unhealthy I have embarked upon. Second only perhaps, to my study of the best beer. Oh, and the best rum. And let's not forget,  best Tequila, vodka, whisky, schnapps...

The McDonald's Big Mac is a good tasting sandwich. It doesn't taste like a hamburger. The height of a Big Mac, and its many layers, requires use of two hands to pick it up. But after the first bite the sandwich is compressed enough to move to one.

Big Mac
I keep referring to the Big Mac as a sandwich, the combination of flavours while perhaps complimenting the burger, acts to hide the full taste of the meat.
Add the dressing, pickles and the rest and I wonder if there is some coat of water repellent that prevents the bun from getting soggy.
Tender beef, tart pickles, sweet and tangy sauce and the richness of the cheese complete the burger. Enjoyable taste.

The Wendy's burger is a little greasy with a real meaty taste. Wendy's burger also has a squishiness to it that surprisingly enough, adds to the charm.
Square patties on white bread. With mayo, dabs of ketchup, cheese and grease, complete the experience. I give Wendy's bonus points for their chili.

A and W is famous for their root beer and their family burgers, Papa, Mama, Teen etc. The 5-ounce burger patty of the Uncle Burger may be considered their premium sandwich. It comes on a sesame seed bun, with cheddar cheese, bacon ketchup, pickles, mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion.

Harvey's makes a hamburger a beautiful thing. Okay, so I used their slogan. Harvey's is known for it's char-grilled burgers and choice of eleven or more toppings. The counter server dresses your burger before your eyes with your choice of combinations. Lettuce, mustard, mayo, relish, onions, chili peppers... my mouth is watering. Harvey's is also known for their hot dogs, but the burgers remain their most popular item on the menu. The burgers tend to be frozen and this may effect the texture. Overall the grilled burger with toppings is among the best.

Harvey's Hamburger
Burger King serves up one of the most well known burgers around the world. The Whopper. The Whopper features a 1/4 pound flame-broiled beef patty, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, pickles, and onions on a toasted sesame seed bun.  A flame grilled patty brings out the taste for the BBQ lovers. The ingredients compliment the burger without drowning it out. Packed into one sandwich it can be a little messy, but this isn't five star this is fast food. And messy is fun.Unlike the McDs bread, you get the sense at BK that you are eating real bread.

In summary, Burger King and Harvey's offer the best tasting meat. A tie goes to BK and Harvey's for the overall lead. Each losing a perfect score for different reasons. Harvey's loses points for inconsistency from restaurant to restaurant. But still are awarded 9 out 10 points for their original build your own burger. They also lose points overall for changing their french fries every couple years. Burger King scores points for having a great flame broiled burger.

Wendy's is awarded a 7 rating and only a short step down from BK. They lose points for being all over the map and trying to please everyone. McDs score of 7 is for good tasting sandwiches but not a real hamburger. A and W gets a 6.5 score.

If you put all the numbered rating together, do you know what you get? 9857765. That's the telephone number for my cardiologist.

BK Whopper


  1. I don't like Harvey's. I give it a zero.

    1. That's blasphemy!
      What would you recommend?

  2. Good review. Just put Harvey's at the bottom and bump up the rest of them. Or just replace Harvey's with KFC...

    1. KFC? Serves hamburgers? Nope.
      Two votes against Harvey's?! What's this world coming to?

  3. I'm still a Harvey's fan but I gotta give it to A&W for their Mozza Burger.

    1. Mike, is it made with Mozzarella or Matzoh?

      Do you remember the Disgusto Burger?

  4. I have never had a Harvey's, but I'm not sure I've ever even seen one. Even in trips to Canada, I'm not sure I've seen one. Now it's on my list for the next trip to Canada.

    I rarely eat fast food burgers, but I don't mind an A&W one sometimes. I still dig Sonic and in a trip south a few years ago, Whataburger was really tasty. I've heard amazing things about In n Out.

    As for the normals -- I never eat a burger at McDs (chicken is the choice there), and I don't mind a BK burger. Wendy's ... well, the square burger is too odd for me.

    Harvey's is on the list for me now, though!

    1. P.J. Harvey's is a treat. But I wouldn't drive here just for a burger. Stay for a beer.

      I used to like the Chicken McGrill at McDs. A real slab of meat on a bun. Sadly, they took it off the menu, at least here in these parts.

    2. Oh, I won't come to Canada just for the burger. Beer. Poutine. Night life. It's all a worthy trip!

    3. There is one restaurant here that serves something like 50 different kinds of poutine. Don't get me wrong, I've been there, and I am not recommending it.

    4. In Montreal? Or elsewhere? I went to some place in Montreal a few years ago that had an obscene amount of poutines. I ended up having a meat lover's one. I think I took 2 1/2 years off my life eating it. Looking back, it was probably worth it.

    5. I looked it up. It's called La Banquise. According to their site they have over 28 kinds of poutine. I rarely eat the stuff, but if someone does like it then this is the place to go. Aside from the standard recipe the only other type I didn't mind was the "Italian Poutine". Fries, Cheese Curd with tomato sauce.

  5. Harvey's gets my vote. I've loved Harvey's since I was a kid. Cheeseburger with ketchup, mustard , pickle and onion. Used to eat double Big Macs and Quarter Pounders but they're so tasteless...like cardboard.

    1. Something about the Harvey's burger Duf - I prefer it cheese-less.