Gifts For the Person Who Has Everything

It can be a very trying time, buying gifts for all our friends and family during the Christmas and holiday season. There is always that one person who you just can't figure out. Maybe its the man who has everything. Maybe it's the picky lady in your life. Here I have a list of gift ideas for those difficult to shop for people.

Christmas Gift Ideas
  1. Dot matrix printing paper
  2. Micro-cassettes for your answering machine
  3. One month free TELEX service
  4. One year membership at Blockbuster
  5. A box of floppy disks
  6. Simpson's gift card
  7. A PalmPilot
  8. A box of two colour Typewriter ribbon
  9. A Digital Audio Tape Player
  10. One free Landau roof installation
  11. Half price off your next ten McDonald's pimmas pizzas
  12. A case of Burma-shave
  13. 10,000 Frequent flyer points aboard Eastern Airlines
  14. Montreal Expos Season Tickets
  15. Five free gallons of leaded gasoline
  16. Chrome BASF audio cassettes
  17. A pair of North Star running shoes
  18. Four game cartridges for their Intellivision system
  19. Ten shares of Nortel stocks
  20. A $50 gift certificate at Montgomery Ward
  21. Season three of Benson on Betamax


Magician's End Book Review

Magician's End marks the 30th and final novel in the great Midkemian series by Raymond E Feist. The first in the series, Magician was published in 1982.  Magician's End was the highly anticipated conclusion to a set of novels that spanned over thirty years and a story that spanned centuries.

Magician's End
My review of Magician's End is later than I planned. I enjoyed Feist's latest novel but had a hard time, initially, to summarize my thoughts on this concluding chapter of the Midkemian universe. The story ends, not quite happily ever after but, with its cutesy and clumsy finish, M.E. wraps up thirty years of books and centuries of plot-lines into too neat a package.

Feist tried creating a mystery and answer to explain the magical powers at play but in the end we have no great mystery. Do not try to explain away magic. The magic and passion we have is lost when logic enters the mix. Remember what George Lucas did in Star Wars to explain the Force? We do not care.

Once the will to act and
to make decisions is removed from our heroes, they become pawns and are no longer the heroes we came to love.

Feist also revisited the Condoin birth line, and I understand why. From the Condoins came the foundation of the novels. The books were not just about Pug the Magician. Arutha and Lyam Condoin were noble and brilliant and had flaws and self-doubt.
The new Condoins are superheroes, the men who could do no wrong. Magician's End brought little intrigue, and little character development. Through repetition Feist tried to drive home the message that the Condoins, Hal, Martin and Brendan are such good boys.

Nothing they did went wrong.

In the first four books, Feist developed the characters and showed us they were noble and heroic, through action. Here we are told they are heroic. Over and over.

All in all Magician's End was a good book. I was relieved that it was detailed and lengthy unlike some of the later rushed novels. While predictable in some ways, it tied up many story lines. We knew how the story would end. We just didn't know how we would get there. Tell me if you didn't know who would be king.

While the novel capped many a story line that spread over these many novels, it was satisfying to a point, but missing its mark on others.
The last book in any series is often the hardest to read. And once read all we have are the pages staring back at us. With every expectation that was developed throughout the reading of the previous books we are left either frustrated or satisfied.

Magician's End
Magician's End was an enjoyable book. And a worthy end to thirty years of story telling. While not his best, M.E. is clearly not Feist's worst novel, and similar to the buildup in the previous couple novels, predictability aside, we are left waiting for the story to unfold until the final climax.
Seeing as how Feist brought back everyone, I would have liked to get Amos' take on things. Do you think that Magician's End was a fitting ending to the series?

Civil war is tearing apart the Kingdom of the Isles, for the throne lies empty and rivals are converging. Having spirited his beloved Princess Stephanie safely out of Roldem, Hal - now Duke of Crydee - must turn his attention to the defence of the ancient realm so that a king can be anointed by the Congress of Lords, rather than by right of might.

Elves and men must stand together, ancient heroes must rise again, dragons must fly and Pug, Magnus and the other magic-users of Midkemia must be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice if the world is to be saved


Creepy Neighbour

What would you do? We have a creepy neighbour. To my knowledge he has not committed any crimes. Nor have I witnessed him breaking any condo rules. He just looks, how should I say it - off. He shakes a little, his eyes seem a little bit unfocused. He is in his mid-forties. He lives with his mom.

But then again, she may live with him. Or, they are roommates. Whatever, he lives with his mom! In any case, what is he guilty of? He is guilty of bothering my wife. Of trying to kiss her hello whenever he sees her. And, making her want to move. Oh, and asking her out for coffee.

She told him no. Which was expected.

But I ran into him the other day in the elevator and could not let an opportunity go by. He and I, alone. In a closed four by six box.

Don't get me wrong. I didn't go Red Ross on him or anything. I was polite. For some reason he was surprised when I told him to leave my wife alone. He was surprised  and visibly disappointed. He agreed.

Funny how people agree to what you say when their only exit is via an elevator shaft.

Red Ross


Changes After Marriage

I love my wife dearly. She is beautiful, a great person, and a great friend. I wrote about her after our first date. So, marriage is great. Now, with the preamble out of the way, I can say there have been a few changes.
I have been writing less. And publishing less. That is, apart form the recent Photo Challenge. I actually have 23 stories that I started but have not yet completed. There are also are certain things that I am no longer allowed to do.

For example,

  1. I can no longer keep my furniture. 
  2. I can no longer keep the clothes I bought in college. 
  3. I am no longer allowed to wear the t-shirts I bought when I was in high school. 

And there are certain topics that are no longer approved topics for my blog. I can no longer write about the following items:
  1. Bathrooms
  2. Mean things about people
  3. Ex-girlfriends, unless I am being mean to them. The only exception to #2.
  4. Sexist comments
  5. People who snore
  6. Women who snore
  7. Women who snore and sleep next to me
It is a good trade off. I am happy and I found someone who doesn't try to change me.


I may still write about bathrooms though. The possibilities are endless.


Gimme Shelter

Rolling Stones
I have been a fan of the Rolling Stones for as long as I could remember. There are a some songs that stand out more than others, Street Fighting Man, Gimme Shelter, 2000 Light Years from Home, and Angie, to name a few. With 29 studio albums, 18 live albums, 30 compilation albums, and 107 singles there are a lot to choose from.
One reason that Gimme Shelter stands out is the backing vocals of Mary Clayton. Listen to this piece - Clayton's isolated vocals from Gimme Shelter.

Stephen Davis writes in his book Old Gods Almost Dead: The 40-Year Odyssey of the Rolling Stones, “No rock record, before or since, has ever so completely captured the sense of palpable dread that hung over its era.”

Rape, murder!
It’s just a shot away
It’s just a shot away

Released in 1969 with its Latin groove and rock theme, music by Keith Richards and lyrics by Mick Jagger, the world was set in war and this moody piece reflected the tension of the world closing in.

The song credits:
Mick Jagger - vocals, harmonica
Keith Richards - guitars, backing vocals
Bill Wyman - bass
Charlie Watts - drums
Nicky Hopkins - piano
Jimmy Miller - percussion
Merry Clayton - vocals

And if you are interested in Mary Clayton, or any of the backup singers who graced the recordings of so many favourite artists, watch the film 20 Feet From Stardom. As the tagline says, "meet the unsung heroes behind the greatest music of our time.


Outakes and Bonus Shots: 30 Days of Photographs

A handful of extra photos I took during September's photo challenge.

Based on his clothes I think this guy is in never never land and will live happily ever after.
Happily Ever After?
I wasn't driving when I took a picture of these circles.
Rising above us, another view of the Olympic Village.
Rising, Olympic Village

It's a tree.
That's a sidewalk. And a shoe.
The boutonniere I wore at my wedding. 
How do you like them apples?


Happily Ever After: 30 Days of Photographs

Today's theme is Happily Ever After. This one was difficult. I had all sorts of ideas, but no subjects. That is, until Saturday night on Prince Arthur Street in Montreal. We can think of fairy tales, or real tales. And this older couple, likely married for many years, walking down the street holding hands. In 80 years from now, I want to be walking down the street hand in hand with my wife.

I suppose they were looking around trying to decide what to do before entering into Cafe Campus for the nights rocking Pop Montreal show. Check out Ziva's Inferno to see who else contributed to today's photo challenge. The photo challenge is winding so don't forget to bookmark and come back here tomorrow.


Circle: 30 Days of Photographs

The circle of life. Routine and repetition. The clock goes round and round with no change. Time is what we want most. But time is fleeting. 
"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” 
 J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Check out Ziva's Inferno to see who else contributed to today's photo challenge. Today's theme is circle.


Lover: 30 Days of Photographs

Lovers meet. Lovers wed. Jamaica.

Check out Ziva's Inferno to see who else contributed to today's photo challenge. Today's theme is Lover.


NSEW: 30 Days of Photographs

But which way is the arrow going? NSEW?

One way? One Direction?
Check out Ziva's Inferno to see who else contributed to today's photo challenge. Today's theme is NSEW.


Rising: 30 Days of Photographs

The twin pyramid towers of Montreal's Olympic Village were constructed for the 1976 Montreal Summer Games as a residence for the athletes. Rising up above the Olympic grounds the towers consist of 23 floors and stands at 70.0 metres tall (230 feet). Architect Roger Tallibert designed the buildings consisting of 980 residential suites.

Olympic Village
Check out Ziva's Inferno to see who else contributed to today's photo challenge. Today's theme is rising.


Poison: 30 Days of Photographs

What's your poison?

And sometimes I just can't decide

Check out Ziva's Inferno to see who else contributed to today's photo challenge theme, poison.


Carnival: 30 Days of Photographs

Today is day 354 of the 30 day photo challenge. MikeWJ and Ziva threw this challenge together to punish us. It's a little early for April Fool's Day don't you think?! Nonetheless, click on their names to see who else participated. And save the link and come back here same time tomorrow for another photo from this month's challenge. Today's theme is Carnival. Dig these carnival-like colours of the Chihuly display at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.


Tolstoy: 30 Days of Photographs

For some reason, today's theme in the 30 days of photographs challenge is Tolstoy. As I aim to read his works in the original published language of Russian, my intention is to study the Russian language. Learning Russian will also help my communication with the in-laws and extended family and friends. Not that they don't speak English, but at gatherings with that side of the family, conversations invariably turn to Russian with me sitting there staring at the wall until my wife starts translating for me.

But then I found this book. Learn Russian in four easy steps. Unfortunately each step takes three years.

Learn Russian
MikeWJ and Ziva threw together this month's photo challenge. Click on their names to see who else participated. And save the link and come back here same time tomorrow for another photo for this month's challenge.


Frustration: 30 Days of Photographs

Oh dang! I forgot my papers in the trunk of my car. Today's theme in the 30 Day Photo Challenge is frustration.
Downtown Montreal
MikeWJ and Ziva threw together this month's photo challenge. Click on their names to see who else participated. And save the link and come back here same time tomorrow for another photo for this month's challenge.


Anatomy: 30 Days of Photographs

Your sweet and smiling eyes
Take me to paradise 
It makes me want to cry tears of joy
Whenever I see your sweet and smiling eyes 
(Lyrics - Aaron Neville)
The eyes have it

Check out Ziva's Inferno to see who else contributed to today's photo challenge. Today's theme is anatomy.


Never: 30 Days of Photographs

Today's theme in the 30 Day Photo Challenge is never.
You've been rickrolled.

You've been rickrolled

MikeWJ and Ziva threw together this photo challenge. Click the link to see the rest of the photos contributed to today's photo challenge. And save the link and come back here same time tomorrow for another photo from this month's challenge.


Always: 30 Days of Photographs

Welcome to Wednesday. Day 18 of the photo challenge. Today's theme is always. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a television show currently in its tenth season and final season. The hilariously quirky show revolves a group of ego-centric friends and business partners who run a pub in Philadelphia. The show was created by, and stars Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, and Charlie Day. Rounding out the cast of regulars is Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito. The show covers the predicaments the friends get themselves into. Day to day problems are exaggerated by their awkward and warped solutions.
Why, you may ask, do I have a picture of a mustang for today's theme? Well the connection is as follows. Danny DeVito stars in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He also starred in Taxi, which was about taxi drivers. Taxi drivers drive cars. The picture below is a car. Thanks, and see you tomorrow.

MikeWJ and Ziva threw together this month's photo challenge. Click on their names to see who else participated. 
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia


My Junk: 30 Days of Photographs

Check out Ziva's Inferno to see who else contributed to today's photo challenge. Today's theme is My Junk. Once a week for the last several weeks I have been cleaning up and putting my junk outside by the curb. And every week I come back and my junk is gone. Someone took my junk. I have filed several police reports but so far no luck finding the culprit. My neighbours have told me that they have seen a truck drive by but they never took down the licence plate number. Save to your Favourites and come back here tomorrow for the next theme in the Photo Challenge.
My Junk


Biblical: 30 Days of Photographs

We were in Ottawa a few weeks back and went into a store in the ByWard Market. On the display rack was the following doll. A poseable, bendable, Jesus of Nazareth. But what got my attention was the writing in the bottom left hand corner. A warning! A Choking hazard. Not recommend for children under three! Really? Jesus? A choking hazard? I may not be a believer but, come on! I don't think Jesus poses a risk to children. Anyway, today's theme in the photo challenge is biblical. And I may have made a biblical mistake, I hope offending people was not one of them. Check out Ziva's Inferno to see who else contributed to today's photo challenge. And unlike Jesus, I just want you to follow me on Twitter, Google+, or Blogger or Facebook.

Jesus of Nazareth


China: 30 Days of Photographs

Truth or fiction, the story goes that in efforts to reach Asia, European explorers travelled east and sailed across the Atlantic and up the St. Laurence river. Landing on a south eastern section of the island, explorers called the area Lachine (la Chine), French for China, mistakenly thinking they arrived in the far east.
Lachine is a borough within the city of Montreal and on the Island of Montreal.
Check out Ziva's Inferno to see who else contributed to today's photo challenge. Today's theme is China.
Where the Lachine Canal and St Lawrence divide
The Lachine Canal was built so that ships would be able to bypass the rapids on the St. Lawrence without having to trek over land. The canal was the port of entry that linked the Atlantic to the heart of the continent. It was one of the factors that made Montreal the centre of the Canadian manufacturing industry.


NSFW: 30 Days of Photographs

That cat ain't wearing any pants! Today's theme is NSFW.

That cat is nakeds

MikeWJ and Ziva threw together a NSFW party and I was one of the unlucky invitees. Click the link to see the rest of the party-goers and see who else contributed to today's photo challenge. And save the link and come back here same time tomorrow for another photo from this month's challenge.


Wrong? 30 Days of Photographs

I did not buy this shirt when I was on Nantucket last year. Was I wrong?
There once was a man from Nantucket...
MikeWJ and Ziva threw together this month's photo challenge. Click on their names to see who else participated. And save the link and come back here same time tomorrow for another photo for this month's challenge.


Tremor? 30 Days of Photographs

A tremor is an earthquake. When there are earthquakes things shake. Shakes are sometimes dangerous but sometimes shakes are made with ice cream. Ice cream is made out of milk. So while today's theme is tremor, I took a picture of milk.

I like chocolate milk tremors, I mean milkshakes. But I will settle for vanilla.
MikeWJ and Ziva threw together this month's photo challenge. Click on their names to see who else participated. And save the link and come back here same time tomorrow for another photo for this month's challenge.


Girly: 30 Days of Photographs

Today is day eleven of our 30 Day Photo Challenge and today is seven months after the wedding. There is nothing more girly than the bride's bouquet. And girly is the theme today. 

MikeWJ and Ziva threw together this month's photo challenge. Click on their names to see who else participated. And save the link and come back here same time tomorrow for another photo for this month's challenge.

Wedding Bouquet


Close Up: 30 Days of Photographs

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Today is day 10 of the 30 day photo challenge. I am looking forward to day 30 where we can live happily ever after. In the mean time, today's theme is close up. I found this piece in my wife's office. I had to put it back because it wouldn't fit into my trunk.

Close Up
And get a close up look at Ziva's to see who else contributed to today's photo challenge. 


Disguise: 30 Days of Photographs

Thinking I knew Ziva and MikeWJ, or assuming too much, I misread today's prompt. So, disgusted I was. And you should have seen all the disgusting pictures I took. Or, just go back the previous eight days and you may think it was a month long theme.
Today's theme - as I found out - is disguise. As Alexander Pope said, "Praise undeserved, is satire in disguise." Look below this guise, for a link to see who else posted on today's theme. Am I the only one who thinks there are too many guise around? 
"Sometimes failure isn't an opportunity in disguise, it's just you." -Doug Coupland
Check out Ziva's Inferno to see who else contributed to today's photo challenge. 


Texture: 30 Days of Photographs

Strange thing happened yesterday. My computer stopped working. No access to internet. But since I auto-published my seventh day theme still went to air. But why, I must ask, if my computer wasn't working, did I have less visitors? Strange coincidence I guess.
Sort of rubs me the wrong way, like a bad texture. (Good segue?) Today, day eight of the ridiculous Photo Challenge and today's theme is texture. Taking a walk yesterday down the mean city streets, I came across some of the textures that make up the city. Here in one place, the gravel, the rocks, the leaves and the shadows.

And check out Ziva's Inferno to see who else contributed to today's photo challenge. 


Seven: 30 Days of Photographs

I took this picture in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec two weeks ago. Sainte-Anne is an independent city that sits on the western tip of the Island of Montreal, and is considered a suburb of the City of Montreal. 55% of the approximate 5000 residents use English as their first language making it one of the ten or so English speaking communities in the area.

The number of ducks in the photo was a lucky coincidence for today's theme, which is seven. Now that I have all my ducks in a row, on to tomorrow's theme. 
And check out Ziva's Inferno to see who else contributed to today's photo challenge. 

Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Qc


Two Birds, One Stone: 30 Days of Photographs

We were out of our heads. Six days into the photo challenge and who knows what the aftermath will be. Some girls would not put up with the dirty work. After preparing the food we all had sticky fingers. It was a beggars banquet, not even any goat's head soup. Now on to the photo, I am ready for your comments and live licks. I think this challenge is putting us all through a metamorphosis. Hurry up now, time waits for no one.
Oh ya, today's theme in the Ziva and MikeWJ's 30 Days of Photographs challenge is two birds, one stone.

Bonus to anyone who knows how many of The Rolling Stones album titles I mentioned.

Two birds, one Stone


Mushroom: 30 Days of Photographs

Is it day five of Ziva and MikeWJ's photo challenge, 30 Days of Photographs already? So much concentration on the crazy themes that I forgot to buy groceries. Today's theme is mushroom,and the Ohara household is all out of mushrooms.
Here is the closest thing I could find to mushroom that wouldn't fall under day 14's theme.

I think the mushrooms are behind the Jolly Green Giant. Ho ho ho.
Which reminds me. What did the baby corn say to the mama corn?
Where's popcorn?


Backwards: 30 Days of Photographs

Day Four of Ziva and MikeWJ's photo challenge, 30 Days of Photographs. Today's theme is backwards. No, I mean it is backwards. And with this theme, a picture of me. I almost didn't post it. After all, I couldn't find my hair. Something about me, I used to have hair down to my shoulders. Now I have hair on my shoulders.


Soft: 30 Days of Photographs

A friend of mine once said, we men know very little about women. In fact we know only two things

  1. Smell good
  2. Soft

Day three of Ziva and MikeWJ's photo challenge, 30 Days of Photographs, I may be soft in the head but I already ran out of steam. And today's theme is soft. As I sat here pondering how to translate soft, from word to photo, I glanced up and spotted the softest thing within my reach.

Soft TP


Illuminate: 30 Days of Photographs

Day two of Ziva and MikeWJ's photo challenge, 30 Days of Photographs. I did not have any ideas for day two's subject. And then a light bulb above my head illuminated. Our main source of illumination would be a  perfect photographic target. Sunset from my balcony set to sepia tones and voila, day two of the challenge is complete.



Ice Cream: 30 Days of Photographs

Well, Ziva and MikeWJ are hosting a 30 Days of Photographs challenge. And I decided to participate. Today. This may be the only photograph I post all month. As I previously stated somewhere, I at first misunderstood and thought the 30 item list was for a scavenger hunt. I collected 22 items.

Once I read the fine print, I said I would participate. On some of the days. Or at the very least I will read the list, look at it, ponder. And then go watch television.
Today's theme is ice cream. And anything that starts with ice cream can't be all that bad.

It was a hot day so I combined two of my favourite things ice cream and espresso. Clouds in my coffee, Clouds in my coffee...

Ice cream in my coffee

  • Monday

    Mavis Staples

    One True Vine is the thirteenth studio album by legendary gospel and soul singer Mavis Staples. A tremendous followup to a tremendous career and album. Staples won the first Grammy of her 60 year career on the 2010 release You are Not Alone. With One True Vine  Staples reprises her collaboration with Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy.
    Can You Get to That was originally recorded by Funkadelic. Staples version is a stripped down folksy rendition, focusing on the vocals and lyrics.

    And also worth listening to is the title track of You are Not Alone.

    Mavis Staples


    The Spirit of America

    We spent Canada Day weekend in Massachusetts. And based on the line at the border, we weren't the only ones to flee Canada for a road trip. We went to Watertown, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Salem and parts in between. It was also my first visit to Harvard and MIT and the first time I went sailing from the Salem Harbour. Not only is our host a sea captain, he is also a great cook and gave us a grand tour of the area.

    Funny enough, we planned and cancelled our trip four times before finally going. The weather was supposed to be terrible. Threat of thunderstorms did prevent us from sailing out of the harbour on Sunday. But while it was windy, we didn't see a drop of rain until we were heading north on our return trip home. So the threat of rain turned to sunny skies and 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 Fahrenheit).

    One thing I determined is that Canadian liquor stores have boring names. Unlike Bunghole Liquors in Salem, we have The Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ). But then again, loosely translated to English, very loosely I might add, you can say it is called the Society of Alcohol, and that has a pleasant ring to it.


    Speaking of Salem, I learned a couple historical facts on this trip. The Salem Witch Hunt lasted one year. Twenty people were put to death while 150 were arrested.

    Another thing I learned, my Magellan GPS has a much easier time pronouncing the street names in and around Boston than it does in Montreal.
    The connection between Boston and Montreal is intriguing. There exists a fierce rivalry due to hockey. Remove the hockey factor and you find a mutual love. Nearly everybody I know back home in Montreal has been to Boston at least once. And on any American long weekend, Montreal is filled with visiting Bostonians. Another thing I was surprised about was the amount of tourists that were visiting Harvard. I do not think the local Montreal universities get many tourists, but I could be wrong.

    But here's the question, now that I visited the Harvard campus, can I put on my resume that I went to Harvard?


    Driver's Licence

    It's driver's licence renewal day. I have been putting it off for so long and it is set to expire in less than a month. Saturday morning at the department of motor vehicles, or as it is know here as the SAAQ not to be mixed up with the SAQ where you go to buy booze.

    So, it opens at 9AM. Or so they say. Then why are there 30 people waiting here before 9? I am hoping some of these people queued in front of me are waiting at the wrong government office and actually supposed to be in line at the unemployment office downstairs.

    Okay, now it is five past nine and they still aren't open.

    Finally, 10 after nine and the doors open. Take a ticket, no pushing.

    Only 21 people in front of me. "Now serving number 47." I am 68.

    Shoot, I have to take a photo and I haven't shaved in two days. Oh well, its not like I show my driver's licence to many people. Only the cops who pull me over ever get to see it,


    Oh, my neighbour is here. The one who keeps saying we should come over for a BBQ but doesn't actually tell us when.

    Oh dang! She just saw me, she is coming over. Tippy toes. Tippy toes!

    A little bit of chit chat. Oh, and isn't that nice. She just invited us over for a BBQ again. 

    Really, I think it's just a matter of timing. Finding the time when we are all free. She travels for work, we have been moving around quite a bit lately. 


    I think I am paranoid. Every time I see the camera flash from someone getting their ID photo taken I start thinking, 'Who just took my picture!? What are they going to do with my photo?'

    Twelve minutes and six people are done. I should be out within a 1/2 an hour.

    What? Wait. I just read the sign. They do not accept credit cards? Since when? Oh. Right. Since always. Okay, I have my debit card.

    One angry person with an international driver's licence not getting what he wants. The clerk doesn't know what to do. Call the supervisor.

    Another angry person. They are calling the numbers too fast and she missed her turn for taking five seconds to get to the counter.

    This is going really fast. Only seven in front of me. 

    Wow! Check out that guy. Maybe I didn't shave for my photo but at least I am not wearing a crazy bright red shirt. Ow. I think it just gave me an aneurysm.

    Ooh. I'm next.

    Okay. Done. Now I can go wait in line at the bank.


    Bobby Blue Bland

    Bobby "Blue" Bland the great blues and RnB singer died June 23rd, 2103 in Germantown, Tenn., a suburb of Memphis. He was 83. Originally from Rosemark, Tennessee, Bland moved to Memphis and was one of the original Beale Streeters.
    A mixture of southern traditional music and big-band arrangements mixed with the emotional power of the blues gave him his pioneer status.
    Bland was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992 and received a Grammy Award for lifetime achievement in 1997.

    Buddy, BB and Blue. Guy, King and Bland. Photographer unknown.

    First recorded in 1957 Bland's song Farther Up the Road was covered by Eric Clapton as well as the likes of Lonnie Mack, Roy Buchanan, Mike Bloomfield, Lucky Peterson among others. Here is Bobby "Blue" Bland's Farther Up the Road.