Cabin in the Woods

What a better way to spend the days off before New Year's eve than away from the city and surrounded by snow? If you said surrounded by beaches, than I don't think that you and I are on the same page at the moment. Nonetheless, we took a drive 90 minutes north of Montreal to spend time with family. Far away from the big city filled, clean air and huge mounds of snow ideal for snow-shoeing, tobogganing and skiing. All and all a very relaxing time. Happy new year!

Highway 15-North outside Val Morin
The road to Sainte-Agathe
Boat house by the lake
Snowbound Cottage
With 80 centimetres of snow (32 inches) in just over a week, forget about white Christmas it will be a white 2013. This will be enough snow to keep the ski hills covered until spring.

Snow covered trees


  1. These are very pretty.

    I see now how old I'm getting, because my first reaction was "That must be very cold."

    My second reaction was "Now I have to pee."

    1. Isn't it funny that you only go to pee every two three hours but after a one hour drive I have to run in as soon as the car stops.
      It's not the ha ha funny, but the pee in my pants funny.

  2. Though I live in a rural setting, spots like this are really nice. In my trips to Canada and Quebec, I've never gone above Montreal, though I really want to. Images like this make me want to explore for sure.

    1. There are a whole mess of mountains to the north and north east of Montreal worth checking out for the skiing or just for the view.