Short Drive to the Garage

I was punished and didn't even know why. I brought my car to the garage for servicing and to install my winter tires. Unfortunately, my car was serviced by a short mechanic. I do not have anything against short people. At 5'9, to some, I am short.

Truth be told, I never saw the mechanic. But I know he was short. How? My car seat was pulled up all the way to the front, so that his - or her - little feet would reach the pedals.

So, I pulled my car into the garage...
I nearly brained myself when I got into the car. I did smash my knees against the steering wheel which was lowered by the same mechanic. Some sort of karma corporal punishment I suppose.

So, against short people, I have nothing to say. But please put my seat back to where it was.

While waiting in line to pay - and before I nearly brained myself - I heard a quack quack sound. I looked around, as did a couple other confused people, but saw nothing.

A minute or so later, the same quack quack sound. This time repeating for several seconds longer. I turned to see an old man shuffling past, stopping and pulling out his phone.
His ringer is ducks quacking! And not the Daffy or Donald variety but real ducks... quack quack, quack quack.


  1. I hope they didn't 'short' change you either.

    The new look is pretty slick.

    1. Mike, small people are in short supply.

      Thanks, now I have to figure out which aps work, which don't.

    2. Maybe it is a relative of those guys with the duck call show!!!!

    3. Katherine, do you mean Darkwing Duck?

  2. Good things come in small packages unless it's poop. Who packages poop? That's sick. Why would you do that? Gross!

    1. You know Timothy. I bet there is someone, somewhere, that packages poop. But otherwise, good things do come in small packages.