Funny Pictures from Around the Web

In my constant battle to fight boredom over the last couple of years mostly via internet browsing, I fell on many very funny pictures and photos. When I like something I save it. Sometimes I look at the funny photo a couple days later and say, "This isn't funny." And then delete it. The following are the ones that stuck with me. It was my intention to email these hilarious photos to friends. I may have. Perhaps I borrowed these pictures from your website or the emails you sent me. In the end I will just share these with you here.

Never seen a picture before that captured a cat so well. Cat blog.

I think this was made for my girlfriend. I tolerate you too.

It took Twilight to make Blade seem cool

My blog readership has increased to 12. No, wait. 13.

The Muppets take Mos Eisley

In the dark urban jungle of Montreal walks the carnivorous panda

And then he ran for the leadership of the Liberal Party (or Republican 
depending on your current location.)

Sometimes Dad is right. Sometimes.

How big would this guys freaking house be?

Is this when the Decarie got flooded? There comes a time when 
you must leave the car.

Maybe I will take my Walkman there.

One of those things that I wish I thought of.
Taking dad out for a walk. The Walking Dead?
A caption wouldn't do it justice.

Happy Halloween
Or depending on your source, 5773.


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