Justin Bieber Causes Traffic Jams

I am not a fan of Justin Bieber. Surprised? I actually dislike his music a great deal. I will grudgingly admit that he is talented. Although, the one clip I saw tells me that he is not the best dancer. But, as it goes, when another Canadian gains international stardom, I am pleased.

Today though, I hate Justin Bieber. Last night I left work and headed downtown to pick up my girlfriend at her office. A drive from Montreal's east end to downtown could take fifteen to 40 minutes depending on the traffic and what construction projects are going on at the time. The drive took me 1/2 an hour.

A drive From downtown to my home is anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes. What I did not anticipate was the stupid Justin Bieber concert at the Bell Centre. Traffic backed up every which way. Every street. Every Alley. Every sidewalk.

We sat in the car for an hour.

Not even on a night that Montreal Canadiens play the Centre is traffic this bad. The congestion was most likely due to the fact that most of the concert goers are not habitual downtowners. All the teenyboppers came by car with their mothers, all showed up at the last minute, and none took public transportation. But, I blame Justin Bieber. At least he won't be back for a few more months.

Unfortunately this picture was not captioned, so I have no idea which one is Bieber


Short Drive to the Garage

I was punished and didn't even know why. I brought my car to the garage for servicing and to install my winter tires. Unfortunately, my car was serviced by a short mechanic. I do not have anything against short people. At 5'9, to some, I am short.

Truth be told, I never saw the mechanic. But I know he was short. How? My car seat was pulled up all the way to the front, so that his - or her - little feet would reach the pedals.

So, I pulled my car into the garage...
I nearly brained myself when I got into the car. I did smash my knees against the steering wheel which was lowered by the same mechanic. Some sort of karma corporal punishment I suppose.

So, against short people, I have nothing to say. But please put my seat back to where it was.

While waiting in line to pay - and before I nearly brained myself - I heard a quack quack sound. I looked around, as did a couple other confused people, but saw nothing.

A minute or so later, the same quack quack sound. This time repeating for several seconds longer. I turned to see an old man shuffling past, stopping and pulling out his phone.
His ringer is ducks quacking! And not the Daffy or Donald variety but real ducks... quack quack, quack quack.


Funny Pictures from Around the Web

In my constant battle to fight boredom over the last couple of years mostly via internet browsing, I fell on many very funny pictures and photos. When I like something I save it. Sometimes I look at the funny photo a couple days later and say, "This isn't funny." And then delete it. The following are the ones that stuck with me. It was my intention to email these hilarious photos to friends. I may have. Perhaps I borrowed these pictures from your website or the emails you sent me. In the end I will just share these with you here.

Never seen a picture before that captured a cat so well. Cat blog.

I think this was made for my girlfriend. I tolerate you too.

It took Twilight to make Blade seem cool

My blog readership has increased to 12. No, wait. 13.

The Muppets take Mos Eisley

In the dark urban jungle of Montreal walks the carnivorous panda

And then he ran for the leadership of the Liberal Party (or Republican 
depending on your current location.)

Sometimes Dad is right. Sometimes.

How big would this guys freaking house be?

Is this when the Decarie got flooded? There comes a time when 
you must leave the car.

Maybe I will take my Walkman there.


One of those things that I wish I thought of.
Taking dad out for a walk. The Walking Dead?
A caption wouldn't do it justice.

Happy Halloween
Or depending on your source, 5773.



When You Were Young

The Killers Battle Born
I don't know why this 2006 song by The Killers is suddenly getting so much airplay on local radio. Two stations in the area seem to have put it in heavy rotation this week.

When You Were Young off their '06 release Sam's Town is a great story telling song backed by the band's full sound and swirling keyboards making it reminiscent of The E Street Band with a touch of Meatloaf. The song is about growing up and moving around in the world. Your future as it was imagined when we were young does not necessarily live up to our dreams.

The Killers, fronted by lead singer Brandon Flowers, have been around since 2001 and have released four studio albums including 2012's Battle Born. This is The Killers - When You Were Young.