The Record Man

Continuing on the music theme here...

Looks like there's one more guy who won't get fooled again... Sam "The Record Man" Sniderman.

For those of you old enough to remember the Sam The Record Man music stores (and if you have to ask "what's a record?" then you're not old enough) the guy who opened and ran the chain died on Sept. 22 at age 92.

Sam the Record Man
For awhile he operated the country's predominant music store chain and set the precedent for others like HMV. His flagship Toronto store, with its blazing twin record sign and his Montreal location, always packed with musicophiles, always brimming with selection were like second homes to music lovers of all stripes and tastes.  

So long Sam, it was a blast waiting in line in the wee hours of the morning each Boxing Day on Ste. Catherine Street, hoping to get into your place to buy CDs (or vinyl) at your low, low prices. But more than that, your store was symbolic of an era of music consumption that has, like you, now gone the way of the dinosaur.

With the switch to MP3s and iTunes downloads, the paradigm of the way we seek and purchase music has changed. I remember walking through the quaintly cramped aisles on the multiple levels of your downtown shop, finding wonders amid the stacks of albums, discovering new music and artists by flipping through the selection. That simply doesn't exist any more. And kids today will not know the pleasure of that "hands-on" music0buying experience.

Thanks for all the music and memories. You helped me and countless others build and deepen our musical libraries.

Peace be upon you.


  1. It was a sad day when that Toronto landmark closed. Even sadder today.

  2. Hey Joe, Sam's led the way for Discus, Classicus and Phantasmagoria. And with Music World gone I think all we are left with is HMV.
    I miss going record shopping at the Miracle Mart in the St. Martin Shopping Centre.

  3. Noname, I agree. It's a bygone era. And nostalgia makes me feel old.

    Shawn, manI forgot about Phantasmagoria and the rest. Again, seems like an eon ago. And Miracle Mart was the best! I always thought they should have had racks of "Miracle Whip" on display at the front of the store. Just for kicks.