Quebec Election Results

Election day is upon us. Before the last Canadian Federal election, I referred to the path to the ballot box as "the election nobody wants". I can say the same about today's Quebec provincial election, albeit for different reasons. In the case of the Federal election, the opposition parties used poor judgement and poor timing to bring down the minority Conservative Government of Stephen Harper. Canada was left with a majority government, still led by Prime Minister Harper. 
The citizens of Canada living in Quebec are faced with a different dilemma. Which party is the lesser of multiple evils? Throughout the night, I will be commenting and posting my thoughts and blogging live as the results of the Quebec election rolls in.

Stay tuned to this space as I update throughout the night.

So what do we know so far? We know that The separatist Parti Quebecois (PQ) has been leading the polls throughout the campaign and will likely win. We cannot yet predict if they will take a majority government. Polling also indicates that the Liberals will be the opposition party, yet the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) is close behind and either party can take second or third place. The other minor separatist parties have a chance to take a maximum of three seats.

Various news agencies have been reporting trouble at the polls. Voters have been complaining of not appearing on the electoral list. Others have complained about their names having already been crossed off the voter's list at advanced polling. Is this widespread? Human error? Intentional human error?

The polls close in just under one hour. Looks like a big turnout across the province with long lines at many polling stations. The higher turnout is an indication that the campaigns have generated greater interest than predicted. Voting the Liberals out? The CAQ in? We know people are not voting for separation. Only for change.

The various polling firms have released their results but are not quite making any predictions. Votes by percentage by party.

CROP: PQ 32 CAQ 28 LIB 26 QS 9
EKOS: PQ 36 CAQ 25 LIB 23 QS 11
Forum: PQ 36 CAQ 25 LIB 29 QS 6
Léger: PQ 33 CAQ 28 LIB 27 QS 7

All show the PQ as winning the popular vote. But how many seats?

PQ are leading. PQ are leading. Sell your house! Well, no. Only about 1% of ridings have reported and have been counted.

Did the pot clangers remember to put away the pots and vote?
Very early on and no trends yet.
PQ are leading in 7 ridings. Liberals in 6. CAQ in 2.

According to CTV, Green Party is currently holding the lead in 1 seat.
PQ in 14, Liberals in 10, CAQ in 6.

Will it be counted positive or negative for the Liberal Party if they finish in second and become the official opposition party? How poorly must Jean Charest Liberals do for his party to call for his resignation?
PQ 19, Liberals 15, CAQ 10.

PQ now leading in 22, Liberals in 21, CAQ in 12.
What does it mean if the CAQ falls short and finishes a distant third? Is it fear of the unknown than more people have not voted for Francois Legault's CAQ?

Does the fear of separation drive you to vote? Do prejudicial language laws bother you?
Liberals now leading in 27.
PQ 21.
CAQ 16.
West Island and Gatineau regions still haven't reported in. Good sign for the Liberals?

Close election. Does not appear to be a majority for anyone. Did the silent majority of Premier Jean Charest come out to vote?
Liberals 45, PQ 41, CAQ 18

CTV just declared a Parti Quebecois win.
Why ruin the fun?! That's like telling me the verdict half way through the episode of Law and Order.

I want tomorrow's headline to read:
Liberals Dump on the CAQ

PQ now leading in 54, Liberals 45, CAQ 19

Jean Charest losing in his own riding of Sherbrooke.
From the Quebec Election site.

Property values in Montreal just plummeted.
Kevin Newman suggested a coalition Liberal-CAQ government. This won't happen.
PQ-QS coalition is more likely.
PQ 60, Liberals 46, CAQ 17, Quebec Solidaire 2.

So the PQ forms a government with fewer people voting for them then the previous election when they finished in second place. Currently at 33% of the popular vote compared to 36% previously.
How do you run a province, with 2/3 of the people against you?
PQ now elected or leading in 59 seats.
Liberals in 46, CAQ in 18, QS in 2.

Amir Kadir, co-leader of the QS wins in his riding. How did you win your campaign Mr. Kadir? I would like to ask. He might just say, 1 - Get arrested 2- Protest outside your constituents stores trying to ruin their businesses 3- Have your daughter get arrested. 4 - Forget about the greater good and promote your own personal vendetta in your campaign platform?
How did he win again?
PQ now lead in 58, Liberals 47 CAQ 18, QS in 2.
These numbers won't change a whole lot from here on end. The big attention now will be on the Sherbrooke riding to see if former Premier Jean Charest will win his riding.

PQ leading in 56, Liberals 47, CAQ 20, QS 2
With the Conservative Party & NDP expanding in Quebec provincial politics when the PQ government falls in a year or two, what will the Assembly look like?

At this point I usually look at the ridings where my closest friends and family live. Liberals leading in 7, QS in 1, PQ in 2.

I was rooting for Jean Charest, not as Premier but as Member of the National Assembly. I've been a fan of his for a long time, as my former University professor and the wonder boy of the Federal Conservative party. Not so much lately. Still wanted him to win in Sherbrooke.

Voter turnout at 54%? Will have to wait for official numbers. What happened to the early turnout? What happened to the anger?

Will Charest stay on as leader of the Liberal Party?

So this is where the votes went

The obituaries on Jean Charest's career have already started. A minority PQ government is better than a majority PQ government. You don't have to put your house on the market just yet. Keep this is mind, Minority governments often work for the people instead of passing agendas of the party.


  1. I'm going to vote now. I'm not going to enjoy it, but I'm gonna do it.

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    2. I can't take the pressure!

    3. Did you win in your riding Mike? Shouldn't you be with your riding team?

    4. Yeah I'm winning. Lemme go get my pots and pans to celebrate.

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