Quebec Election The Morning After

Quebec election final results, the morning after.
Following General Election 2012  in Quebec
Almost a dead heat between The PQ & The Liberals. A separatist party is in power but, how much power does this minority government have? The strong opposition of 50 seats and the balance of power with the CAQ and QS will void any attempts to hold a referendum.
Popular Vote General Election 2012 Quebec
If fears of the PQ have your stomach in a knot, consider this, the PQ were elected with less than one percentage point separating them from the Liberals. That is not a populace looking to break up the country.

The Islands of Montreal and Laval covered in Liberal red with 26 seats to 8 seats in PQ blue and two orange seats for the QS. The CAQ gained zero seats in the region, however did pick up five seats in the Quebec City area to the Liberals three and PQ one.

Four big stories on the night,

  • Quebec's first female Premier
  • Liberal outperforming expectations
  • CAQ under-performing
  • Murder
Why didn't the CAQ win more seats? They finished in second in over fifty districts. Fear of the unknown and the unproven is the likely factor. The PQ won and Jean Charest lost. An adjustment was due but the PQ did not win on a mandate of separation but for a mandate for change.


  1. I think the CAQ won their seats at the expense of the Liberals. Sad, very sad.

    1. Charest losing his riding to the PQ rival and one more riding win by the Liberals over the PQ and they would have ended in a tie.

  2. I am so glad I no longer own a house in Quebec. I remember what it felt like watching valuations tumble after the '95 referendum. I'm guessing the same silliness will play out now.

    Then again, bargain hunters will rejoice.

    1. With only 28% (according to polls) of the Quebec population wanting a referendum to be held now, I have not yet entered into panic mode. And property values only matter if you are buying or selling. If you are staying put, no matter.