Monica Lewinsky Book Deal

With news that Monica Lewinsky is shopping around for a book deal, Twitter exploded with numerous amusing suggestions for her book title. Under the hashtag #MonicaLewinskyBookTitle here are some of those great proposed titles:

Monica Lewinsky
How Government Brought Me to My Knees: The Monica Lewinsky Story

Crouching Intern, Hidden Cigar

Close, But No Cigar

On bended knees

Catch 'er in the Eye

How To Get That Raise

I just met you, & this is crazy, but I just blew you & you're the President

Devil with a Blue Dress

Head of State

Fifty Shades of Blue Dress

Salty Tales From the Oval Office


  1. These are funny. Funnier still is that she'll have enough to say that could fill a book.

    1. It's hard to believe Lewinksy is 39 years old already. It seems like just yesterday she was crawling around on the floor in the oval office.

  2. 1. "Going Down Into History"

    2. "Interesting Stains For Fun & Profit"

    3. "The President Cometh"

    4. "Top 10 Reasons Hilary Hates Me"

    5. "How To Get aHEAD In Washington"