Knight Rider Fans

Knight Rider fans, you can now pre-order the EE Exclusive Knight Rider KITT Vehicle with Michael Knight! Limited edition KITT car vehicle! Based on the action figure, I guess everyone forgot what David Hasselhof looks like. Only $59.99.
Knight Rider KITT Vehicle with Michael Knight
From the website:
  • Based on the Knight Rider TV series. 
  • Includes an exclusive Michael Knight Action Figure
  • Electronic lights and sounds. Doors swing open. Figure fits inside vehicle.
  • Features voice of KITT - William Daniels!

The Hoff is back! Based on the 1982 TV series Knight Rider. Not only does KITT feature spinning wheels and opening doors, it has lights and sounds, too. The lights pulsate with 5 LEDs in the front sensor bar! But wait, there's more! It's a limited edition, roughly 13-inch long vehicle based on a 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am that's compatible with many 3 3/4-inch scale action figures. Get your very own 3 3/4-inch David Hasslehoff as Michael Knight Action Figure... available only in this set!

Bathroom Timing

Rule 5 of Men's Room Etiquette
It is wrong to talk on the phone when you are in the bathroom. It is rude. And it is weird for the person in the next stall. But would it bother you to know that I am texting you from the bathroom? Or that I am writing this post from the bathroom?
My hands are clean. Does that make a difference?

Now there is a guy on the phone and he is standing at the urinal. I washed my hands and I am using our really loud hand dryer. My hands were dry at least 23 seconds ago. Now, I am just trying to disrupt his phone call. I want him to say something like, 'Do you mind? I'm on the phone.'

Some guy walked in with his sandwich and drink from Subway and went into the stall to, er... sit down. I did see him fifteen minutes later with the whole sandwich, so, at least he didn't eat it in the stall. Forget about hygiene - or don't - that is just wrong.
Every time I go to the bathroom at work I bump into a certain colleague of mine. I started thinking that he must have problems with his bowels as he is here every time I am.

But then it dawned on me, he probably thinks the same of me. Why is Shawn always in the bathroom whenever I am here?

For the couple that doesn't get enough alone time - Tandem Toilets


Is Golf Stupid?

Golf Ball

Golf is stupid. No, wait, don't get upset. Hear me out. At least wait until I've explained. Golf takes four hours to play. It takes five years to learn. It takes thirty years to master. I played 18 holes on Friday and it felt like 18 days. There is a reason for this. I hadn't played in fifteen years.

Whether on TV or on the course, golf never called to me. As a kid I played hockey, football and baseball. I ran track. I played point guard for my high school senior basketball team. I joined a swim team and a cycling team. And then as an adult took up boxing. Somewhere in there I tried golf a few times.

My early introduction to the sport of golf involved two of my foursome throwing their clubs and calling everybody names just because they missed their shots or shanked a ball. For some reason I didn't want to play again. Also, I've always played sports - golf didn't come to me fast enough.

18 holes? Isn't that a bit much? Who wants to walk around a grass field for four hours hitting a ball with a stick? There's a reason hockey and baseball take less than two and a half hours. And football three. That is my maximum attention span.

The first time I played golf, I was on the green and used the club with the big P on it.
"Why? What's wrong?" I asked, "P stands for putter. Doesn't it?"

Call me Tiger Wood-Not


Colin Mochrie Scenes From Star Wars

I found the Star Wars video below the same week that No Named Dufus published his latest caption contest featuring a Star Wars theme. In this video, Colin Mochrie acts out his favourite scenes from the Star Wars films. Produced by Calwyn Shurgold for "The Shurgold Show".

Colin Mochrie, Whose Line Is It Anyway