Tell Your Vacation Story

Oh those last couple of weeks before vacation starts seem to last forever. The days at work grow longer and the nights feel shorter. I am not referring to the summer solstice. These last couple weeks were especially brutal.

A colleague came back from vacation the other day. Ten days in the sand in the sun with her family. She said it was great to be away, great to forget about work.
With my last few days in the office winding down, I'm trying not to forget to soon.

Last year I made a list of things to do on vacation. Now, with my vacation imminent, the list is short.

  • Dentist
  • Garage
  • Beach

Oh, and maybe vacuum.

Chatham Lighthouse Beach, Cape Code, Massachesetts
This year my passport is ready and I could care less about renovations. Work doesn't suck as much as last year. And, the girlfriend entered the picture. Having a girlfriend changes many things.

No more planning around myself, no more making up my mind on the fly. Now, its making plans with someone. Wow. I finally have direction in life.
Or is that directions?

Here is the complete list of stuff that I may do if I ever get around to it

  • Paint my balcony
  • Paint my bathroom
  • Get rid of old clothes
  • Get rid of junk in my closets
  • Get rid of old papers

But since I will be on the road for ten of the fourteen days, I don't expect much to be accomplished once vacation is over. I have asked Joe Bunga to watch over the site while I am away. I may still post but will be focused more on relaxing with my girlfriend, and the beach.

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