Sometimes, life reminds you that it is good

See what they did there with their hands?
Smell the roses. Cloud watch. Appreciate the sounds of little children laughing and playing. Remember the Great Antonio pulling buses with his teeth. Fondly recall the Habs winning a Stanley Cup or two and how the Expos... no, that last one won't work.

You know what? Just go ahead and sing Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" for the next half an hour at the top of your lungs and enjoy life.

The universe offers up many things to make one smile, and this week, a good friend of mine, let's call him Hawn Oshara, went on vacation and got himself ENGAGED!

Congrats muchacho. No one deserves the happiness, giddiness, and the all-around amazing feeling of being in love and contemplating the years ahead with your partner. Yeah, I'm having a Hallmark moment, so sue me. Seeing your friends happy and fulfilled is one of those happy occurrences the cosmos throws one's way from time to time.

Health, happiness and peace be upon you and your lovely fiancée, Hawn.


  1. Joe,
    You sure write pretty.
    And thanks for the secret writing, no one's going to figure out who you are talking about.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to Shawn! That is WONDERFUL news!