Jealous, Jealous Again

Some people get what they deserve. Some people ask for what they end up with. This isn't my wish. it's the way things go. As you make your bed so you must lie on it.
Smokers don't like to smoke alone. Drinkers want a drinking buddy. Bitter and angry people try to ruin others' happiness. And then comes that group of single people, some not all, the subset that want their coupled friends to split up so that they do not have to be bitter and lonely by themselves.

Throw vanity and arrogance and sarcasm and bitterness into a bag, shake it up and you get jealousy and loneliness. All of those terms are interchangeable.
Throw in thick headed and self-important and you might end up with an old maid. Dowager. Life long bachelorette. The kind that needs to get involved in other people's lives, pry them open and stick their noses in. The lecturers who tell people how to run their lives but cannot get their own in order. Those that surround themselves with exes and almosts just to feel good about themselves. The kind that holds a kangaroo court to judge those around them.

The kind that always apologizes but doesn't learn not to open their mouths in the first place.
Look at yourself before you give your bad advice and before you voice your skewed and sad opinions to the world.


  1. As a former smoker, I did enjoy smoking alone at certain points of my smoking career. Quit smoking guru Alan Carr actually had a category for that called the "secret smoker".

    That said, good post.

    1. I heard of Carr but never read him.

      And it keeps on keeping on, even today. Some people don't know that an opinion is usually only appreciated when asked for.