Ice Cream!!

Ice Cream!
The hot summer days call for ice cream. So, mid heat-wave, I took my girlfriend for ice cream. She paid. But I took her. With all the different types served at Barry and Ira's or at Ben and Jerry's, such as Choco Chanca Cocoa and Vanilla Striped Banjo, it got me thinking of the worst ice cream flavour idea ever.

Pop Tate's best ice cream
Bubble Gum Ice Cream has got to be the worst idea. Frozen bubble gum? Come on! COME ON!

So I started researching (dreaming up) the worst conceived ice cream flavours of all time.
  1. Potato Salad Raisin
  2. Matzoh Ball Cookies and Cream
  3. Hot Fudge BLT
  4. Corn on the Cob Cone
  5. Herring Neapolitan
  6. Marshmallow Salmon Tartar
  7. Wasabi Butter Pecan
  8. Eggplant Peppermint
  9. Cream of Mushroom
  10. Salami Mint Chip