30 Day Writing Challenge: An Intervention

I started an intervention the other day. When a good friend noticeably withdraws, doesn't act himself, or shows a major personality change it is up to friends and family to find out what is wrong. Symptoms of inexplicable or bizarre behaviour must be addressed.
So, with family and friends we gathered and went to Cheesy Mike's house.

"Mike," we said. 
"You have us worried. This behaviour must stop. You are hurting yourself and those around you. There are enough people in your life that love you. You are educated, have a rewarding job. You are physically fit and healthy. You have a lot of friends. Do you not understand the damage you are causing?"

We met with Mike for over fifteen hours. We finally gave up exhausted. And so with no results, Mike, formerly of We Work for Cheese is now a cat blogger.

Mike and Nicky over at We Work for Cheese have forced invited us to participate in this 30 Day Creative Writing Challenge . Today is Day 26, the theme is An Intervention.


  1. So very sad. Some people just can't be saved. We knew ye well, Mike.

    1. I hear he just bought a litter box. For himself.

  2. I'm doing great, really! I've only posted about cats 3 times since I left for Sweden!