30 Day Writing Challenge: Favours I'd Ask of Satan

Favours I'd Ask of Satan:
  1. Cut my grass
  2. Make my bed
  3. Lend me $10.00
  4. Spend some time with my parents so I can take a nap
  5. Plaster and paint my bathroom
  6. Fetch my mail
  7. Go buy curtains for my bedroom
  8. Fix the light in my dining room
  9. Pick up my laundry
  10. Put down my laundry
  11. Take my car for a tuneup
  12. Organize my closets
  13. Go to the dentist for me
  14. Pick up a loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter

Dilbert's, Prince of Insufficient Light
Mike and Nicky over at We Work for Cheese have forced invited us to participate in this 30 Day Creative Writing Challenge. Today is Day 21, the theme is Favours I'd Ask of Satan.

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