30 Day Writing Challenge: Cheese - The Curds Just Didn’t Go My Whey

30 Day Creative Writing Challenge: Day 1, Cheese. Just great. I have a Lactose Intolerance. Mike & Nicky over at We Work For Cheese came up with this brilliant idea for a writing challenge. On June 1st, the challenge will begin. On June 30th, the challenge will end. From what I could gather the following bloggers and all round fine people will be participating, CheesyMike, Cheryl, If I Were God, Katherine, Laughing Mom, Linda M, Malisa, MikeWJ, NoNameDufus, Ziva's Inferno and Sandra. The whole idea is to get those creative writing juices flowing. Instead I am stuck on cheese. As I consider the list of topics for the next 30 days, just like when I eat too much dairy, I am feeling queasy, bloated and I have heartburn.

Now that I think about it, I do have a cheese anecdote. As a kid, I was a stubborn eater. If something looked gross I would decide that it was gross and would just eat a cheese sandwich. Sliced singles were my go to food from the ages of three to nine and the plastic wrapped singles were my best friends.

Hey, I said I had an anecdote. I didn't say I had a good anecdote.
Cheese - The Curds Just Don’t Go My Whey

These are the topics we will be blogging about over the month of June.
Day 1: Cheese
Day 2: A roadblock
Day 3: They played my song
Day 4: Behind the wheel
Day 5: Spiders
Day 6: Pressure
Day 7: Excess
Day 8: Best friend
Day 9: Magic carpet
Day 10: The babysitter
Day 11: A sense of accomplishment
Day 12: In the kitchen
Day 13: The other one
Day 14: The short hairs
Day 15: First place
Day 16: Hanging out in the cemetery
Day 17: The awkwardness of the common banana
Day 18: Setting sail
Day 19: Camels
Day 20: Going solo
Day 21: Favors I’d ask of Satan
Day 22: Like there’s no tomorrow
Day 23: Stiletto heels
Day 24: Roast or toast another blogger
Day 25: Worst Christmas ever
Day 26: An intervention
Day 27: Side of the road
Day 28: The turning point
Day 29: Breaking the rules
Day 30: It could have been worse


  1. Hey, don't worry. That was a gouda start, really. Just 29 more days to go.

    1. Thanks for visiting these parts Duf. Hey,I've been posting comments to your blog and they keep disappearing. That's why I have been absent from your Pause Ponder and Pun contest these last few weeks.

    2. My blog is a litle screwed up when it comes to comments. I use DISQUS but sometimes the Blogger system shows up. If you leave comments in the Blogger format they show up in my e-mail but disappear from my blog. Weird, I know.

    3. And I don't like Disqus, but the last day or so, I commented on your site using it.

  2. Well, it was gouda enough anyway of a start...better than mine.

    1. Unfinished Person, you must not deny your Kraft!

    2. "... not deny your Kraft!" LOL!

  3. I was a stubborn eater, too. Actually, I still am, but that's not important. Does this mean you spent your entire childhood feeling queasy, bloated and with heartburn? You poor thing.

    1. Ziva, My intolerance only came about in my late teens. I think I was rebelling.

  4. I thought you said you ate cheese sandwiches? Sliced singles wrapped in plastic are not cheese. Hmmm, I award you 15 points, simply because you are lactose intolerant and won't steal my cheese.

    1. Nicky, it was in the day of Steinberg's and I believe they packed real cheese into those plastic envelopes.
      Wow! 15 points. I wonder what I should buy.

  5. Sliced singles wrapped in plastic...? I may actually cry.

    1. We are talking about a kid's perspective Jayne. Cheese singles are child size and fun to eat.

  6. Oh there are many more of us participating in this crazy and wild challenge. Are we all nuts? Ahh well.

    As a kid, cheese slices did, indeed, rule. I'm with you there. Easy to grab a few on the run.

    1. A little nuts...

      Years ago I had friends who worked at McD's. They had tried to melt the McD singles on the grill. But they would not melt.

  7. Grilled cheese is still one of my favorites. My brother wouldn't eat them so my mom called his "butter sandwiches." He gobbled them up. You were really lucky if my mother remembered to remove the plastic on the cheese slice before cooking.

    1. Mmm... butter.
      Reminds me of that Simpsons episode where Homer is complaining of his weight.
      Marge responds, You're fat because you put butter in your coffee.

  8. You need an anecdote for lactose intolerance.

    1. I have several lactose intolerance anecdotes. Some I could even publish. Most involve me running somewhere.