Montreal is Bananas

My plan now is to gather each and every morning at 8am, gather my pots and pans, with whomever will join me, and walk through the neighbourhoods of Montreal clanging and banging my pots to wake up all the fuckers who are walking around late at night clanging their pots and pans.
What are you protesting? Sleep? Quiet? All you are doing at this point is disrupting your neighbours and fellow citizens.
Last night I saw parents, grandparents and little kids. What are you teaching your children? Do you even know? What about the so-called student protesters?
Montreal and the pot bangers

Keep banging those pots. Keep intimidating the police officers.

Our exhausted police force. The same police officers that come to your place after a break-in, the same police officers that take a statement when you are attacked, the same police force that investigates murderers and rapists.

Montreal Police Doing Their Job
The overtaxed police department will be over budget. Where will the municipal and provincial governments get this money to pay the salaries and overtime? From your salaries. Or should they make some cuts from social spending?

Clanging your pots. I picture a little kid. A little kid that knows they shouldn't make noise. But the child bangs his toys together. The little boy bangs his blocks together over and over. He bangs the blocks together because, they make a big noise, and because nobody has yet told him to stop. So this mischievous child keeps banging because he knows it is wrong but for now he is getting away with it.
The children, the aged, the students, the middle aged who are now supporting the protesters, or protesting something obscure of their own, with their pot banging, are just these same little children, who are clanging pots - just because they can. and just because they can get away with it.

Montreal is going Bananas
Are they protesting bill 78 that clamped down on the lawlessness created by the protesters?. Has the Liberal government done a proper job to deal with the earlier protests? No. Does that make the increase to tuition wrong? Absolutely not. Does it make the protesters right? Absolutely not.
Both sides approached the negotiations in poor faith. But in the end, the laws and the government must win. This does not mean the protesters should not at least gain some of their demands. Through negotiation only they should.
Anarchy can absolutely not win. Lawlessness must absolutely lose.

You liked it here in the 80s and 90s did you? With all those vacant stores? When you could find parking everywhere? Where rent was under $500? Disaster begets disaster. Put enough pressure on your fellow citizens, create enough havoc and this city will fall into the biggest recession it has seen in years.
Abuse of your fellow citizens, whether keeping them awake at night or taking away their livelihood, to the extent of taking food off their tables cannot be tolerated.

Blocking the downtown streets will prevent businesses from earning revenue, which will create layoffs, and businesses will shut down. The only way this may not effect you is if you chose to live off the grid.

You are bankrupting the businesses downtown and around the city. You are forcing the cancellation of travel plans of thousands of tourists. The spin-off from touristic events and festivals in Montreal and Quebec runs in the billions. Cut off this source of revenue and the already fragile economy of the Greater Montreal area will hit rock bottom.

Are you one of those protesters? You are taking money from your fellow protesters' pockets. Living, working, going to school downtown? Don't shit in your own back yard. This is your city. You are damaging its economy. You are damaging its reputation. And don't forget, higher unemployment means higher school enrolment. The bulk of the Montreal and Quebec population condemn the violence and the continuous damage to the city's reputation, and condemn the continued lawlessness. Have you heard enough people publicly stepping up to say any of these things are wrong?


  1. We are not grumpy old men are we? I'll answer that, no. We are simply civil human beings. There are a lot of things I don't want to pay for, but as a responsible adult and citizen of this country I pay my taxes and look forward to the services we get from them. There was a report I posted on my Facebook about how the U.S. paid mat leave is zero weeks and Canada is 50 weeks. I am paying for this through my EI. I don't use it, well my wife used it twice. So why shouldI still pay into it. Because it builds a civil, caring society that looks out for people. I keep talking about the bad old days of the '80s and '90s, the years of traffic free rush hours, the years the sovereignty debate maimed our city. We are starting to rebuild, look at all the cranes in the skyline, I didn't remember what they looked like. Like this government or not, but they shock Quebec out of its' lethargy finally started the super hospital projects, after years of idiots language related delays (didn't want the English one built before the French one).Now our streets, sewer pipes and bridges are being rebuilt after a generation of neglect and people bitch about the traffic it causes. Shut the fuck up, they are building stuff to make it better for you, you whining bitches. Man I could rant for a while. Just when things were looking up for Montreal. Shit.

    1. Vahan, I think we are on the same page.

      This is a good distraction from the abuse of our language rights.

      Everyone is up in arms about a few hundred dollars and they think their rights are being trampled because of Bill 78. If you immigrated here or if French is your mother tongue just go ahead and try sending your kids to English school. Try posting a sign in the work place in English. The law states the software on my computer must be in French.

      Ya, sure Bill 78 takes away your rights.

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    1. Meleah, what would the state troopers in Jersey do if someone through a brick at them?

  3. Big freaking deal, thousands showed up to the latest assembly/parade/ protest...and the other 3 million Montrealers who disagree with them, stayed home.

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head.