A Love Story

Six months is not a long time. Three months is especially not a long time.

It takes six months to learn your job, to understand all the ins and outs.
It takes six months to learn how to drive a stick, to the point that you are just cruising.

It takes six months to get to know someone.

How long does it take to fill a bowl with water? It depends. When that bowl is your relationship, how do you know if it is full?

Relationships take time. Enjoy your time together. Use that time to get to know one another through every stage; lust, attraction and then attachment.

If you are with the person now, have decided that after three months that they are the one, then it is no more a waste of time to wait six months than it is to spend time with them now. The time together is a fraction of the years you will spend with each other. You will still be together - so there is no time misspent.

It may be quicker for one of the couple to learn that you are compatible. It may take longer for the other. Either way, no one is wrong or right.

And you need to respect that difference.

Initially you are attracted to who it is you think they are and it is only as time goes by that you truly understand who that person is. This is not a good thing or bad thing. It just is.

There are no time limits, rules, requirements or time frames.

The natural tendency is to assume that people are who they say they are and who they appear to be. You can learn facts but a person is so much more than that. You also have an impression of their character. People in general, from one to the next, are inconsistent.

Not all conclusions can accurately be drawn from discussions. One needs to verify words with deeds and actions. One needs to verify deeds and actions with words.

Only in a committed relationship do you have the opportunity to discover who someone is. Time together is fulfilling. Time away from each other, you are missed but the feeling of fulfillment remains.

Your relationship is based on a respect and devotion motivated by none other but your partner; a heart-pumping, breath-taking, earth-shattering overall body sensation when this person walks in the room.
You develop an awareness that you would gladly give up just about anything and perhaps everything to keep this person safe and happy.

After talking to my best friend I added this concluding line.
Be open, communicate and tell them what you are thinking.


  1. Very deep, Shawn, and so many truths crammed into only a few lines. :)

    1. Thanks Ziva. Perspective constantly shifts. But we are all looking at the same thing.