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I had a recent email exchange with some business partners. I cracked myself up. You may have heard of the adage, 'know your audience'. My audience is me. I make myself laugh all the time. I write this blog for me. I just hope there are more people like me out there. The email exchange went something like this.

George: "Shawn, Thank you for the information. It was terrific news to receive. The team appreciated it all the more at month end and prior to the weekend. I was wandering if you had last minute Easter hour instructions to share? We are off on Good Friday and Saturday but working Monday."

Douglas: "Shawn, George tends to be 'wandering' when he's 'wondering'! lol"

Shawn: "My ex said I had a wandering eye. I corrected her and told her it was only wondering."

Perhaps this line will become a well known adage as well.

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