I Forget

It's been a rough 24 hours. It started off with forgetting to give my girlfriend food and leaving it in my trunk overnight. Then, this morning I walked down five flights of stairs before remembering I left my ID badge for work on my dresser. I had to go back up to my condo. On the way back down, I realized my phone was on my dining room table. Back upstairs I went. This time I took the elevator.

About an hour after I arrived at work, at 9:05AM, my agenda started to flash reminding me of my 9:00 o'clock appointment at the body shop. On the other side of town.

All day Monday and then again on Tuesday one of my staff kept reminding me to complete a report for my bosses. As I started working on it something seemed all too familiar. I checked and realized I had already completed the report Friday last.

I did remember that this is my four month anniversary. So baby, if you are reading this while waiting for me to pick you up for our monthaversary date, that I forgot about, I'm sorry. I should be there within the next hour or two. Just as soon as my agenda starts flashing.


  1. Welcome to my world. You can call them "brain farts" or "senior moments," But I prefer to think I'm just buffering. ;)

    1. Buffering. I like that!
      Too bad my brain wasn't downloading updates.