Double Cassette Deck

Sitting in my den the other day, it suddenly dawned on me, I have a double cassette deck. It's not that I didn't know I had one. It is just that the realization suddenly hit me. For what ungodly purpose do I need a double cassette deck today? I thought about it for a while and in purely functional terms
  • I can dub one tape to another, 
  • I can record a song from the radio,
  • I can even record each one of my CDS on to tape.
For what reason, I do not know.
Pioneer Dual Cassette
I bought my stereo in 1995. It's a good one. Not top of the line (and hardly state of the art in 2012). But it is very good. I had extra cash from a severance package, wanted to spend it, and needed a stereo. Needed. The era called for a receiver, cassette deck, and CD player. I regret not getting a turntable. Albums last so much longer than cassettes, are more collectible and, I still have some 400-500 in my collection. I got rid of about 500.  With a little more foresight...
Pioneer Receiver
Cassettes were more portable but did not last repeated use. And they are too difficult to queue to the right song, unlike albums or CDs. Does anyone remember the supposed replacement of cassettes? The DAT (Digital Audio Tape). Yes. The same crap and shortcomings of a traditional cassette tape yet they last forever. (Truth be told, the recording on DATs is superior to that of CDs, providing a cloned copy of the audio.)

Putting things in further perspective, in '95 I had a car with a tape deck. So, if I wanted to to listen to my CDs, I had to record them on to tape. Furthermore, most of my old radio airchecks and demos are on cassette. I should digitize these before I lose them.
Once I do I will have no need for the tape deck. Unless, purely as a hobby, I record each one of my CDs on to tape.

This is a selective list of cassette tapes I own

Mr. Mister Rush Robert Palmer
Bob Marley Jethro Tull The Travelling Wilburys
Billy Idol Tom Waits The Lost Boys soundtrack
Kate Bush Del Amitri Extreme
The Cult Bonnie Raitt Iggy Pop
Hothouse Flowers John Mellencamp The Eagles
Texas Robert Cray Pearl Jam
Los Lobos Robbie Robertson Violent Femmes
Talking Heads Midge Ure Prince
Emerson Lake and Powell The Police J.J. Cale
Steve Winwood Van Halen A-Ha


  1. You can totally re-purpose that cassette deck. Here are my top three suggestions:

    1. toast holders (1 slice in each bank!)
    2. to hide your stash in (whatever your 'stash' is)
    3. landfill projectile

    That's all I got.

    1. Mike,
      1- done
      2- done (coffee beans)
      3- Bite your tongue!