Les Enfants Terribles- Restaurant Review

Les Enfants Terribles is a finely and stylishly decorated restaurant  in the Outremont district of Montreal. The name of the restaurant translates to Mischievous Children - the book of the same name was translated to The Holy Terrors.
Open since 2008, this Bernard Street eatery sports a busy and noisy atmosphere, with a brunch, lunch and dinner menu.
Mini chorizo pogo
This busy restaurant suffers from poor acoustics, creating a terribly noisy atmosphere to the point we were unable to hear conversations at our own table. The noise pollution takes away from the ambiance of an otherwise pleasant setting.

Overall, the food was very good quality, in both presentation and taste. Large portions and a lengthy wine list would satisfy most foodies. The bilingual and courteous servers provided their suggestions and provided very good prompt service.
Lamb Burger
The drink orders took a very long time to arrive. Very long time. Each and every time we ordered. This was likely due to under-staffing at the bar, only one person was on duty. The food however, arrived promptly.
I ordered the Lamb Burger. The tendency for lamb burgers is to be dry, in this case, Les Enfants Terribles served a burger of the perfect consistency, juicy and tasty, topped with goat cheese, tomatoes, onions and arugula.

The two ladies at the table shared the small Mac and Cheese dish and ordered a salad each. The Macaroni was rich and filling and the small portion with a side salad is perfect meal. My appetizer, the mini chorizo was tasty and as well presented as it could be considering it was called pogo. Calling it a pogo takes away from the otherwise classy presentation. To sum it all up, the food and service above average and if you plan to go, make a reservation to assure prompt seating.


  1. Great to hear you enjoyed the restaurant in my 'hood. There are many great ones close by and it looks like Les Enfants will be getting some competition soon from La Moulerie, which is becoming Le Murphy. La Moulerie used to be the place to be, before Les Enfants opened up, people would be sitting on the park benches on the sidewalk and ordering their meals before getting a table. Les Enfants has become the trendy straight flat, streaked hair, over made up, tight clingy dress, big pursed always talking on the cell phone, who want to be seen on the terrace with the big sunglasses crowd. Now if you are looking for a great place to eat go to Nouveau Palais on Bernard before they get all trendy. Oh and avoid anything in Old Montreal, majority of it is garbage, like Taverne Gaspar who serve you frozen, preformed disgusting burgers for $18.00, can't get over that junk.

    1. Vahan, I last went to Nouveau Palais before it was sold. When it was still a greasy spoon and it served one of the meanest cheeseburgers in town.
      While "researching" for my review, I read other patrons' take on Les Enfants and I couldn't believe how many terrible reviews it received. Many spoke of the rude treatment they received but spoke well of the food.

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    3. I don't see why people would go to a restaurant with rude service. The presentation is part of the whole experience. I could always stay home and cook up a fantastic meal. When I go out, I go for some entertainment value and to be pampered in a way. Why else would we pay those ridiculous prices and then tip 15%! One great example was when I was at Le Bleu Raisin, the waitress patiently explained each dish, but she did it in such an enthusiastic way, like she was actually tasting each plate as it was rolling off her tongue. Now that was service and we appreciated the meal we had and the taste is embedded in my memory. Rude service, no matter how great the food, will always turn me off to the whole experience.