John Hiatt Til I Get My Lovin' Back

The prolific singer, songwriter and guitarist John Hiatt has released his 20th album entitled Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns.
In the midst of a North American tour, I do not see any shows yet booked for Montreal. He was in Rochester, NY in September, and Toronto in October. But nothing closer. Perhaps Billy Bob Productions will bring the great Hiatt back to Montreal.
Something surprising on his very own website. I clicked play on the video on the main page and the following message appears "This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it from display on this website." And look like the same thing is happening here...
From John Hiatt's terrifc album Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns, here is Til I Get My Lovin' Back.


  1. Love John Hiatt. Been following him for years. Must have almost all his CDs. Did you know he's currently performing on a cruise with the likes of Lyle Lovett and Lucinda Williams? I'd love to see the guy live.

    1. Duf, I discovered Hiatt in '88 with Slow Turning. I have ten or 11 of his albums. Saw him perform once in Montreal. Great show.
      But Hiatt, Lovett & Williams? Wow! That would be something to see.

    2. Here's the link to the line up. The cruise is sold out. But there's always next year.

    3. Sorry, it's not only sold out. That ship has sailed. Feb 5-12.

    4. Ha! That ship has sailed.
      Just double checked, I saw him in 1997 when he was touring in support of the Little Head album. He played at the Spectrum in Montreal, Sherri Jackson was the opening act. She is terrific too. She's got a pop, blues, funk sound.