Things I Like

Here is a list of things I like. These are things I like, things for which I am grateful. Hope you get the things you like. What do you like?

  • a big bowl of spoon sized shredded wheat
  • my second beer (IPA or Stout)
  • surprising people with a funny line
  • Back in Black
  • the second day of a long weekend
  • writing
  • health
  • early Tom Waits
  • hitting the heavy bag
  • driving in the dark of night on an empty highway
  • drawing
  • fresh towels
  • mountains - hiking them and viewing them
  • sitting on the beach in the shade with a cold beverage
  • a ride on my bike
  • peaches
  • a cool glass of water
  • clarity
  • solitude
  • the company of good friends
  • jeans and a t-shirt
  • a great book
  • finding the truth
  • coffee
  • Coltrane
  • trivia
  • telling stories
  • my girlfriend
  • summer
Driving in the dark of night on an empty highway


  1. The things I like. Randomness of blogs. O.K that is one thing. So I don't know why I said things, which is plural. I could have probably written "thing" and not "things" but I wanted to use the same words as your title. Listen man I just want to be part of something, just anything, so I choked and went with things not thing. Now it is getting awkward. Sorry. No, O.K here it is more things I like. Breaking Bad, My Morning Jacket,Nutella and Peanut Butter with sliced bananas, Scotch with a sharp cheese, pastry, Italian and Greek, espresso (hate people who call it Expresso) Valentine's Day (hate people who call it Valentimes) a nice big sandwich (like it when people call it a sangwich), ethnics, because we use our whole body to hold a conversation and everything is serious.

    1. Vahan, Nutella and Scotch are worthy items for anyone's list. Things are great. But to paraphrase Curly, One thing is great too. One thing.

  2. Drawing, eh? Will you show us some of your art?

    Okay, things that I like: the night, my bed, my camera, (sometimes even the above three things together), playing the piano, sweating it out in the sauna, my second bottle of vodka, mystery, the fall. Oh, and cats. Don't forget the cats.

    1. Ziva,
      The fall or The Fall? Beds are great. I just may add that to my list. My bed. Not yours. Although I am sure yours is great too. I better stop here or I am just going to get myself in trouble.

    2. I was thinking the fall, but if saying the movie The Fall, makes me seem cooler, then that's what I meant. Obviously. And for the record, my bed, not great, spectacular. Too good for proper grammar even.

  3. Gee, your poor girlfriend came in pretty low on your list. Way below shredded wheat.

    1. nndufus, perhaps the list is in reverse order? Oh, wait.
      The list is in random order.