Things I don't like (as much... anymore)

So here it is, full confession: things I have discovered in my middle aging that I no longer have as much "like" for as I did in my younger days. Which admittedly is not that long ago. OK, ok, I'm riffing on Mr. O'hara's previous post. So sue me. No, don't. Please?

1. NHL hockey. Yes, I am STILL a pretty big Habs fan. But four things have now mitigated my once-intense love for this game. First: Concussions concussions and the very unfortunate habit of those with concussions to suffer devastating life challenges moving forward from said concussions. Second: My three children. All of whom I hope never want to play contact hockey. See? Four things. Now Go Habs Go!
Chicken Wings
2. BBQ Chicken wings from restaurants like Buffalo Bills, Wild Wing and everyone else who makes chicken wings. Heartburn! When the hell did I start getting heartburn? Lately. So no more chicken wings. Or take-out pizza. Or KFC (yes, technically chicken wings territory, but still.) Where's the Pepto?

3. Jazz. I think I used to like it more when I was young, because it was supposed to be "cool" and "not rock". But you know, I just don't get it. Well, except for Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue". That shit's the shit.

4. If you're from Montreal, you know Premier Moisson breads. And man, I used to love those baguettes like Tim Tebow loves Jesus. But lately, living the last seven years in Toronto (where we do have access to Premier Moisson breads) I gotta say, I think there's better. Namely, Ace Bakery baguettes. Awesome!

5. Crappy classic rock stations. I was listening to Q107 here in the Big Smoke yesterday and I turned on the station three times during the day. I swear, I heard "The Logical Song" each time. That's not cool. I used to like that song. I'm sure the same crap happens on classic rock stations all over the place, including beloved CHOM FM with a renewed, slimmed-down Terry DiMonte. Yes, I'm well aware that classic rock is no longer being made, because it was all made back in the classic age of rock. But GEEZ! Guys, start playing more "deep cuts" from albums or something, it's becoming so... fucking... repetitive.

6. Mondays.

7. Facebook. Yes, it still is my essential reminder of all my friends and acquaintances' birthdays and I get the occassional tidbit of news or interesting video post from someone's update. But with this new Timeline function set to take over all our accounts, I just can't be bothered as much anymore. Zuckerberg, figure out a way to re-coolify your little program. It's gettin' stale.

8. Coffee Crisp. Just lost the taste for it. Don't know why.

9. Endless blog lists.

Here endeth the lesson. What say you?


  1. You do't have to give up Hot Wings, or Pizza, or KFC. One word: Prilosec. Best medicine for heartburn. Seriously.

  2. I'm definitely taking a walk on the wild side tonight and having chicken wings, I guess you just never know when old age and heartburn are going to put an end to everything tasty and delicious.

  3. Joe, you sure sound whipped, er, I mean more mature.
    Mondays suck, and my passion for Facebook is long gone.
    And hey! What's that crack about blog lists. What are you a wise acre?!

  4. Wait a second Joe isn't your new found hate of Jazz a little pretentious in itself? How many Jazz shows did you play in with your old band?

  5. Shawn... I'll get to you and your "comments" in a sec. @Meleah - Prilosec, eh? Thanks for the tip. Now, do you have any advice for staving off a heart attack? ;) @Ziva - Good call. You must have had a great supper.

    Now Mr. Ohara, I am indeed wise enough to fill an acre with, uh, wisdom. Yeah, that's it. You think I'm whipped?!? Wait'll I tell my wife on you.

    I don't recall how many jazz standards we played in that old band of mine. But I will say that I never want to hear "Autumn Leaves" again. It's not ALL pretentious, just most of it. Musical wanking is what it is, in my opinion. Now I'm sure a gang of soul-patch sporting will come burn an upright bass on my lawn. Damn.

    1. What was the name of that bar upstairs near the old forum where you guys played?

  6. Ah, yes. My friend. I know what you're saying. Football? Now so interested after Montana retired. Buttered popcorn for dinner? Not if I still want to fit into my skinny jeans. When did my metabolism slow to a crawl? Ice cream? Pass the Lactaid.

    Getting older ain't for sissies.

    1. Take it from me Jayne, Chapman's make some excellent Lactose free ice cream.

  7. So how about that Anglophone Habs coach?

    CHOM-FM. That brings back memories. I recall when they almost lost their license because they tried to be bi-lingual. Silly stuff.

    Hey those 2 comments are related n'est ce pas?

    1. How about that crappy team? I just wish they would call it a season. Isn't there a mercy rule?