Snowstorms Are Awesome

Snowstorms are awesome. I love spending twenty minutes shovelling out my car and clearing the snow from the windshield. It is a great feeling spinning your wheels on snow and slush and ice, trying to avoid oncoming traffic. I feel great when idiot drivers are racing through the snow covered streets and cut you off as they lose control of their car. Sitting in traffic is a wonderful feeling especially when it is for an hour and 25 minutes and it takes triple the usual time to get home. I love when traffic is reduced from three to one lane due to the piles of snow. I love the noises the snow plows make throughout the night. I love it when we have freezing rain and it takes me an hour to scrape the ice from my windshield. What else do I love about winter in Montreal?
I love when the city clears half of the lane, or one and a half lanes forcing all the cars into the middle of the road. It is amazing when there is no room to park but people do anyway and double park their car next to the snowbank. I absolutely adore it when six lane roads get reduced to one lane and cars in opposite directions have to take turns passing. Fuck it all. I'm going to Jamaica.

Stupid Winter


  1. We had a snowstorm this weekend. I feel about the same as you do.

    Michigan probably doesn't have it anywhere near as bad as Montreal, but I'm probably going to go ahead and complain anyway.

    It's what I do.

    Have a nice weekend. :)

    1. Thanks Janna, you too.
      It's a bit colder and we probably received a few more inches than you. Of snow.

  2. Can I come, too? Pretty please? I promise not to ruin your chances with the ladies.

    1. Hey Ziva, I'll see if there are any flights Montreal to Montego Bay, via Turku. And I'll check with my girlfriend.