No Pants Friday

A couple weeks back I was fighting a cold and feeling under the weather. I opted to work from home that day. So it was another No Pants Day.

During the day I chatted with my manager via messenger. To add some perspective and in case you don't know me yet, I live alone.

Shawn: The coffee here is better.
Manager:  I believe you.
Shawn: and the toilet paper is softer.
Manager: lol
Shawn: But the people aren't as nice.
Manager: talking to yourself again? lol
Shawn: Yes. He took my pen.
Manager: punch him... lol
Shawn: I just did... I don't think I can make it to work on Monday.


  1. I think the thing I resent most about winter is the tyranny of having to wear pants on pretty literal pain of death.

  2. LOL. Thanks for sharing that. Seems like you have a cool mgr. :-)

  3. TattyT, When I don't wear pants outside in the winter, my knees get chapped.

    Angelika, Cool in the sense that he goes along with my jokes and accepts the interruptions.

  4. Ahahahahhahahah! Oh Shawn, that made me laugh out loud. FOR REAL.

  5. Man, I hate when I punch myself. Though all the times I've done so have been accidental, so I'd possibly feel differently if I'd had it coming.

  6. Hey Megan,
    Trust me, it is worse when someone else punches you. :}

  7. I'm husband wants to know why I'm reading about a guy wearing no pants...what should i answer?
    You're funny!

  8. Sandra
    1- I'm seeing someone.
    2- The official No Pants Day only applies to when I work from home.
    2- I always wear boxers.
    3- I am never in central Canada. If heading westerly I bypass Manitoba completely or travel south of the border.
    I think those four things will restore your husband's confidence in your bond to him.

  9. Always be suspicious of someone who takes your pen when you're not wearing pants.

    (I'm not 100% sure what I meant by that, but it sounded good at the time. )

    1. Janna, that is either very sage advice or, very dirty.