The Barr Brothers

I just heard about this group. The Barr Brothers, that is. Great new band out of Montreal. Well, not so "new", since they've been around paying dues live gigging on the road since 2004. But they just caught a huge exposure break on David Letterman recently, and I assume many like me instantly took notice of their awesomeness in the form of their tune "Beggar in the Morning." Watch their vid for the song below. Wow. I mean... WOW. When's the last time you heard some smooth-ass, uncategorizable tunage like this?

Might be a little late coming to the party on this one, what with being a parent, hitting 40, and generally being out of the "young and hip" loop now that middle age is upon me. But enough whining about all that.

These guys are the shit. I've been looking for some new music to inspire, hit home and just plain evoke emotion from me. Last band to do that out of the blue for me like this was The Arcade Fire and their first album, Funeral. Another Montreal-based outfit. Go figure.

Anyway, The Barr Brothers... their eponymous first album hit the streets and stores and online retailers last year. Took awhile to filter to the masses, it seems. Hopefully this little, inconsequential blog helps change that a smidgen.
The Barr Brothers Photo Credit: Andre Guerette

Do yourselves a favour, go to their website. Have a listen/look. Close your eyes. Immerse in the band's fucking awesome soundscapes and if you like it as much as I do, buy this shit up. I haven't heard a bad tune out of this album yet. I sure hope they get the credit and sales they deserve and can roll out six or seven of these album-gems in the coming years.

Mature alt-rock-atmospheric-aural-gold. Nice.

And oh yeah, when's the last time you thought of a harp as an essential instrument to great mainstream music? Watch the little instrumental ditty below. Slightly reminiscent of Lindsey Buckingham's instrumental ode to Stevie Nicks called "Stephanie." Sweet, sweet... SAH-WEET!

Like I said, how do you categorize these guys? You can't. And who cares?! They rock... or whatever. The Barr Brothers, with opening act Alexi Murdoch, will be playing as part of the Montreal International Jazz Festival on July 1st, 2012 at the Metropolis.

THE BARR BROTHERS - Sarah Through The Wall Vimeo.


  1. Meleah you have to check out their site. A lot more great performances.

  2. Yah, Good sound. If I ever get below having the maximum number of holds again I might see if I can snag an album at the library.

  3. Meleah, Tattytiara,

    Yeah, like I said, they're pretty awesome. Seriously though, check out their website and listen to everything they have up there. Freakin' fantastic.

    And if you want to reaffirm how good they are, watch their Letterman performance and the in-studio stuff they did in Seattle at the radio station (can't remember the call-sign just now, but easy enough to find on the web).

  4. Could have sworn I left a comment the other day, but yeah, they're awesome. There's even some sweet Danelectro slide guitar action happening on one song. Great sound.