Can Facebook save the Expos?

The answer of course, is no. Facebook cannot save the Expos. That horse left the barn carrying David Samson and Jeffrey Loria some years back. They're gone. Kaput. Defunct. Pining for the fjords, as it were. Montreal ain't getting no MLB team back in the city any time soon.

All that said, a Facebook page is doing its darnedest to keep the memories alive and in technicolour for any and all remaining fans of the team to view.

The page at has a massive (well, for a dead team, at least) fan base of more than 122,000 people and has been posting vintage photos, videos, mash-ups in a balls-put attempt to keep The Expos in the hive-mind of social networking's public consciousness.

Go. Have a look. If you're an Expos fan or a baseball fan in general, some of the imagery is just priceless.

The site is well-constructed, funny, sentimental and even elicits an occasional tear from we die-hard fans of the lost Canadian baseball team (may Bill Lee appear in Bud Selig's dreams as a cross-dressing crack-whore intent on pitching fastballs of hellfire at his nuts for eternity for this travesty!).

Let's all remember the following: Montreal is where Jackie Robinson played before being called up into the majors. Montreal is where Pete Rose was playing when he collected his 4000th hit (yeah, he was way past his prime and in the throes of his whole gambling scandal, but still). Montreal was the first MLB expansion city outside the U.S. Montreal is where "El Presidente" became just the 13th pitcher in baseball history to record a perfect game.

Ah, the memories.
And on a bit of a tangent, but still on Montreal sporting clubs… WTF with the Habs this year?!?! Thoughts/rants/recipes welcome.


  1. Say it ain't so Joe. Where have you been?
    I guess a lot of people read Stubborn Fool because the Expos group on Facebook has another 2000 new followers.

    The Habs miss Markov. Or the healthy pre-injury version of Markov. That being said they also miss a good coach. Why can't the Habs fire Jacques Martin? What does he have on them?

  2. Yeah, it's true. No mo' Expo. BUT... we'll always have Youppi.

    I think Markov may never come back. They keep delaying his return. The team may need to invest in some of that old "$6 million dollar man" tech soon.

  3. The paper today had a good point, blocked shots and penalty kill are about a team sacrificing and playing hard. Not something a team would necessarily do if they had given up on their coach.

    Who'd have thought we'd miss Brent Sopel. Or Robert Dirk.

  4. The Jays are in town. Can the Jays save the Expos?