It's Movember. In Canada, United States and around the world Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on the faces of many men. The moustache, or mos, brings awareness for men's health, specifically prostate cancer prevention and research.

The rules are simple, November 1st, register at with a clean shaven face. For the rest of the month, these men shave and trim their way to moustache mastery. Not only can men register, but women can too. As to who grows a moustache? That's up to you.

You too can help raise awareness and funds simply by registering on the site. You can also join my team simply go to to register or make a donation. I will be posting pictures of my moustache progress at Stubborn Fool and Movember. If you want to join my team, search for the team name "stubbornfool" and register. Spread the word.

Movember Week 1


  1. I'm not doing Movember, but I'm all set for Beardcember.

  2. Or dorkebuary.
    Did you join my mo team?

  3. movember sucks! all your money you raise go to private companies that profit from MANAGING disease, not curing or preventing it!

  4. I think what it does ANONYMOUS, is raise awareness and perhaps save lives in the process. How many men know nothing about the dangers of prostate cancer? How many men won't go for an exam because of the stigma attached to it? I would prefer that any money raised go directly to researching a prevention or cure.
    I don't care if you don't donate, I don't care if you are occupying Wall Street, Montreal or Tokyo. But to discourage someone from supporting an awareness campaign that could save lives is foolish.

    And now I am debating whether I should grow a Tom Selleck or a Clark Gable.

  5. please explain how getting an exam cures prostate cancer

    Scenario 1: Joe Blow gets screened, tests negative. Outcome: His cancer is not cured because he never had it in the first place.

    Scenario 2: Joe Blow gets screened, tests positive: Outcome: He now has cancer and will receive treatment.

    In neither case is the incidence of cancer reduced. In fact, some other considerations:

    Scenario 1: How many Joe Blow's are falsely diagnosed? You'd be shocked at the high percentages of false positives.

    Senario 2: How can you proive that if Joe Blow was not screened that he would dies of protate cancer and not die with it? What are the impacts of cancer treatment - radiation, drugs, emotional impact?

    You see Prostate Cancer Canada runs Movember and it has a huge corporate backing from companies who create products that are implicated in cancer (i.e. Maple Leaf foods, Schick, etc). But they have no interest in educating people on how to precent cancer (ie avoid processed meats made by companies like Maple Leaf foods, or avoid chemical fragrances that exists in products made by Schick).

  6. Perhaps Anonymous, you should consult with your physician to answer some of your questions. (I was going to make a reference to prostate and head up your ass but I don't want to insult or alienate any readers). ;)

    You are spewing supposed facts and creating them from air.

    Thousands of lives are saved by early detection for every one false positive.

    Don't eat processed meat, if you so desire. Preach to the populace of preventative habits.

    The answers to each of your questions are published and are readily available and prove that a combination of prevention and screening saves lives.

  7. Facts aren't from thin air - check the sponsors and board of directors on the prostate cancer canada website. "Thousands of lives saved" - and I'm spewing facts LOL- I guarantee there is absolutely zero scientific evidence to support that.

    Preach to the populace? Helluva lot better than growing a moustache and calling yourself a hero. Mo bro's are an insult and a slap in the face to those who work tirelessly to educate the public how diet and lifestyle affects disease. Heck even the Amercian Medical Association states that 70% of cancer victims die as a result of these choices, and yet Movember pays lip service to the importance of these choices because it conflicts with their for-profit sponsors.

    Follow the money dude. Just keep donating, there's a cure coming right around the corner!

  8. Anonymous, You are obviously taking this very personally.
    Just because you type it doesn't mean it is fact. I am sure there is a medical expert in your town that help you decipher what you are reading on the internet.

    I wish you good luck and thanks for stopping by.

  9. I am a medical expert. Thanks for letting me express my opinion on your blog, I hope I at least made one person think twice about disease marketing. Take care.

  10. And I appreciate your coming by and for expressing your opinion. Thank you.

    The simple fact that so many people are speaking about Movember increases the general knowledge on men's diseases.

    The most important message for everyone in all this is research. Read and learn from reliable sources.

    And most importantly, ask your doctor.

  11. I'm still not clear on how growing a mustache raises awareness of anything other than the fact that you grew a mustache.

    But hey. It's ok. :)
    It's fun and it's for a good cause, even if I don't see the connection between point A and point B.

    My dad had prostate cancer, so I know the stress it causes for men and their families.

    Anything that might conceivably help, even a tiny bit, is worth the effort.

    Are you going to grow it again this year? November 2012 is fast approaching.

    1. Janna, The grand idea is to raise awareness of men's diseases. If everyone grows a moustache and everyone is talking about it, it removes the stigma associated with the examinations.