Movember Week 4

As I struggle through Movember, I have been searching high and low for a moustache to copy. I need something I could imitate. My attempts at the Selleck have come up short. And I just do not have the time to grow a Wilford Brimley. I need to find a picture of someone with a receding hairline and a similarly coloured moustache. So I pulled out a picture of my sister.

(And now I can apologize to my sister for that. It's funny because the above is not true and she is a pretty lady.)

OK, I then poured over the pages of Yahoo-opolis and Google-dom searching for a moustache I could muster. I think I found the moustache that would meet my needs. [Cue spotlight] The Charles Bronson. Now Bronson and I do not share the same colouring but his moustache was a tougher version of the Clark Gable. And it doesn't require the three months growth that I realized I would need for the earlier moustache models for which I had aimed.

With one week to go I have time to grow what I trimmed, trim what I grew and shape my Movember mo into the perfect Bronson mo. Below is my latest. I will reveal the final results next week. Reminds me of an episode of  The Simpsons when they end up in Bronson, Missouri instead of Branson, Missouri.

O'Hara Moustache
Bronson Moustache


  1. All you gotta do now is grease up that thing and the transformation will be complete.

  2. Good thing you took back that comment bro...we do NOT have the same colouring!

  3. thanks meleah, I need a week more for it to grow in properly. unfortunately the month ends on Wednesday, I plan on shaving Wednesday night