Motorcycle Accident

A colleague of mine got into a nasty accident on his motorcycle. He survived - or so he said. But the bike was totalled. And, he ended up with a severely dislocated knee and some road burns but no broken bones.. Three skin grafts were required to patch up his leg and arm. This happened back in September just as we were hit with a late season heat wave. Had the weather been a little cooler, perhaps he would not have been tempted to remove his leather jacket not five minutes before the accident. The jacket could have saved his arm, and maybe his leg.

As it takes some weeks for skin grafts to heal, he was walking on a blown out knee without the aid of a bandage or brace. I suggested he use a cane to help him walk. Ever the tough guy, this former MMA fighter laughed off the use of a cane. I have often referred to him as the only guy in the office who can kick my ass. The only guy. Guy.

I told him that I would come up with some alternatives to the traditional cane to help him get around. And this is what I came up with.

Cartoon Quarterstaff
Hiking Poles
Crow Bar
Dr. House's Cane

Candy Cane?
Candy Cane


  1. That was a good cause. Helping a friend in the event of an accident or any disaster is really helpful. That was great!

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  2. I love the quarterstaff.

    The crowbar might garner respect, though it wouldn't necessarily help with mobility unless you were mountain-climbing.

    Sometimes my health and mobility are bad enough that I need a cane. (Long story). I have a few, but my favorite is a hunk of no-nonsense hollow metal with a zigzag bend in the middle. Nice spongy padding on top for grip. Doesn't necessarily make things hurt less, but at least I feel more secure.

    And if I had to whack somebody with it, it would probably leave an impression.

    A cartoon quarterstaff would be awesome, unless it meant I had to spend the entire episode with Daffy Duck.

    1. I think the quarterstaff would suit me best. Because, in my mind, I could use it to walk or fight. In actuality, I can only use it to walk.