House Of The Rising Sun

Some know Hoyt Axton as the Dad from the movies Gremlins and Black Stallion or maybe as Jennifer's friend on WKRP in Cincinnati. But this platinum recording artist had his biggest success as a singer. He has had success as a songwriter, including Three Dog Night's biggest hit, Joy To the World. And Steppenwolf's Snowblind Friend.
From his 1963 release Thunder 'N Lightnin' this is Hoyt Axton's haunting version of House Of The Rising Sun.

Recorded in 1964 by The Animals, their version is considered one of the best rock and roll songs of all time, but the song was not written by The Animals.
Covered at least 80 times by the likes of Woody Guthrie, Frankie Lane, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, not to mention Axton, the origin of House Of The Rising Sun is unknown. The first known recording dates from 1933 but this folk ballad may have originated in the late 18th century.
Hoyt Axton, Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie c. 1963


  1. I *heart* that version of the song "House Of The Rising Sun."

  2. meleah, Axton's voice makes this a truly great song

  3. I love this version which was from last season's American Idol
    as sung by Haley Reinhart

  4. Reinhart can sing pretty much anything. Amazing pipes. I found her other performances more believable. But she is prettier than Axton.