Dating Dilemma

I was faced with a recent dating dilemma, and not for the first time. How soon into a relationship should I share my website? Quite often, when someone finds out that I am a writer, they ask to read something that I wrote. Under those circumstances, I do have one or two stories that I might be willing to share.

In most cases I will only share my short stories with my closest contacts. My stories are personal. I don't publish the stories to my blog. My site, in a public forum and although shared with the world, is different. The irony is that as public as the site is, I keep it at a distance from myself.

So, I recently shared my site with a lady I was dating. After a couple days had passed I received an email from her stating she doesn't want to see me again (Yes. By email). My first thought was, 'Oh geez! I hope it wasn't my website?'
And then reality struck. I hung my head, I hope it isn't... no it is... it's me. After all, my website is awesome.


  1. She dumped you by email? I hope she continues to read your blog. And reads the comments. So she'll see me call her a bitch. Bitch.

  2. Thanks Nicky. I knew you'd stick up for me.
    I was going to write more about her but I didn't want it to be misconstrued as being vindictive.

    My first reaction was 'By email?'
    My second reaction was 'Oh shit I'm missing the hockey game.'

  3. I tend to keep The Jannaverse separate from my "real" daily life too.
    Of all the people I actually know face-to-face, very few of them know my blog exists.

    Not that they would be too surprised, I guess; I'm sort of the same nutty chick in real life too. Still, there might be a few of the fussier types who would take things too seriously or blow things out of proportion.

    Not everyone understands the importance of being silly on purpose, just for the joy of it. Some see it as a negative thing; a source of immaturity or irresponsibility.


    Screw 'em, right?